2021 CM Partners Grand Prix

Five Blazing Rounds of Skeet

The annual CM Partners sponsored English Skeet GP over 125 targets was held at Meary Veg, Santon, in very hot and humid conditions.

We had a seven way tie for first place after the first round with Dave Corlett, Stan Cross, Giulio Fabrizio, Arthur Hayes, John Moore, Peter Kelly and Madeleine Simpson all scoring 24. After round two we only had three shooters tying on 48; Dave Corlett, Stan Cross and Giulio Fabrizio. We had a lone leader after round three with Stan Cross hitting a 25 straight to lead with 73 points one ahead of Dave Corlett and Giulio Fabrizio on 72 with Paul Mihailovits, John Moore and Rachael Bowen Matthews next on 71.

It was all change after round four with Dave Corlett now back in the lead on 97 but we had a three way tie for second place on 96 between Stan Cross Rachael Bowen Matthews and Paul Mihailovits. Tying for fifth place on 94 were Arthur Hayes and Giulio Fabrizio. For the fifth and final round the shooters were placed in reverse order with the best shooters shooting last, and at the end of the round we had a three way tie for second and third in A class between Stan Cross, Giulio Fabrizio and Arthur Hayes who all finished on 118, and also a three way tie for high gun and runners up between Dave Corlett, Paul Mihailovits and Rachael Bowen Matthews who shot 120.

In the shoot off for second and third places in A class Stan Cross shot 23 to take second place but Giulio and Arthur were still tied on 22 so sudden death was required the decide the third place. After 14 targets each Giulio took third place in A with 11 points to Arthur’s 10. In the shoot off for high gun Dave Corlett claimed top spot shooting 24 to Paul’s and Rachael’s 23, but sudden death was also required to fined a runner up and Paul took the spot hitting all four targets to Rachael’s three on the first round of doubles. 



  1. D Corlett (120 + 24)
  2. P Mihailovits (120 + 23 + 4)

A Class

  1. R B Matthews (L) (120 + 23 + 3)
  2. S Cross (118 + 23)
  3. G Fabrizio (118 + 22 + 11)

B Class

  1. W Rand (112)
  2. P Kelly (107)
  3. M Simpson (L) (103)

C Class

  1. Z Bellhouse (J) (100)
  2. N Barnett (L) (98)


  1. D Corlett (120 + 24)
  2. P Mihailovits (120 + 23)


  1. R B Matthews (L) (120)
  2. M Simpson (L) (103)
  3. N Barnett (L) (98)


  1. M Cross (J) (116)
  2. Z Bellhouse (J)(100)


  1. D Corlett & R B Matthews (L) (240)
  2. J Corkill & A Hayes (229)
  3. W Rand & M Cross (J) (228)
Crowe Morgan Winners: P Mihailovits, G Fabrizio, S Cross, Z Bellhouse (J), M Simpson (L), R Bowen Matthews (L), D Morgan (Sponsor), D Corlett, W Rand, M Cross (J), P Kelly