Double Sporting Win for Richards

Pro Sporting

The fourth round of the Pam and Dave Corlett Pro Sporting League was held at Meary Veg, Santon, in dull, breezy but dry conditions. Also up for grabs on the day were the Dave and Pam Corlett Highgun Cup as well as the Meary Veg Pro Sporting Handicap cup.

The leader after the first layout was junior shooter Joe Faragher with 21 points, in second place on 20 was Dave Corlett with Brian Faragher and John Moore in equal third place on 19 followed by Ben Richards, George Davies and Peter Kelly on 18. At the end of the second round Nicky Barnett was C class winner with 30 points. In B class Will Rand was third on 38 with junior Joe Faragher second on 39 but taking B class with 40 points was Brian Faragher.

In A Class John Moore was third on 39 with Dave Corlett taking second place on 40 but the star of the show was Ben Richards who hit 24 in his second round to take A class and win the Dave and Pam Corlett highgun cup with 42 points – well shot Ben. In the handicap section Nicky Barnett was the winner with 58 points two ahead of Brian Faragher and three ahead of Will Rand in third place.

Pro Sporting Winners: J Moore, W Rand, D Corlett, B Richards, N Barnett


A Class

  1. B Richards (18, 24 = 42)
  2. D Corlett (20, 20 = 40)
  3. J Moore (19, 20 = 39)

B Class

  1. B Faragher (19, 21 = 40)
  2. J Faragher (J) (21, 18 = 39)
  3. W Rand (17, 21 = 38)

C Class

  1. N Barnett (L) (13, 17 = 30)

Handicap Cup

  1. N Barnett (L) (30 + 28 = 58)
  2. B Faragher (40 + 16 = 56)
  3. J Faragher (J) (39 + 15 = 54)

English Sporting

In the afternoon the fourth round of the Suntera Global Sporting League was held again in dull, breezy, dry conditions. The joint leaders after the first stand were Peter Kelly, Ben Richards, Rob Corlett and Paul Mihailovits with 6 points each. After stand two we still had a tie for first place between Peter Kelly and Ben Richards on 10 points followed by five shooters on 9 points.

Ben Richards was in the lead on his own after stand three with 19 points followed by Peter Kelly 17 with Brian Faragher and Dave Corlett next on 16. Richards was still in the lead after stand four on 25 points but Kelly had closed the gap to one point  with Rob Corlett and Dave Corlett two behind on 23. It was status quo after stand five with Richards leading on 33, Kelly second on 32 and it was John Moore in third place on 29.

After the sixth and last stand Nicky Barnett was in second place in C class with 27 points with Rob Marshall taking C with 28 points. Brian Faragher was third in B class with 31 points, John Moore was second on 33 with Rob Corlett taking B class with 34 points. Paul Mihailovits was in third place in A class with 34 points with Peter Kelly taking second place on 38 but top of the class with 40 points and making it a double win was Ben Richards.

English Sporting Winners: J Mihailovits, R Corlett, N Barnett (L), B Faragher, B Richards, R Marshall, P Kelly


A Class

  1. B Richards (40)
  2. P Kelly (38)
  3. P Mihailovits (34)

B Class

  1. R Corlett (34)
  2. J Moore (33)
  3. B Faragher (31)

C Class

  1. R Marshall (28)
  2. N Barnett (L) (27)

Next week is the is the Club All Round Championship over 125 targets sponsored by Manx Petroleums.