Three Days of Clays round off August

It was another busy week end at Meary Veg with no less than four competitions taking place.

English Sporting

First up was the fifth round of the Suntera Global Sporting League on Bank Holiday Friday morning with sixteen competitors taking part in near ideal conditions. The joint leaders after the first stand were Peter Kelly and junior Michael Cross with perfect 10’s, in third place on 9 was Dave Corlett . Cross maintained his perfect start by clearing the second stand as well to have a running total on 18 with Kelly in second place on 16 followed by Dave and Rob Corlett on 15. Cross was still in the lead after stand three on 21 with Rob Corlett and Kelly now in equal second place on 17.

It was status quo after stand four with Cross on 28 followed by Kelly and Corlett on 24. With another perfect score on 10 on stand five Cross stretched his lead to 6 with a running total on 38, in second place now on 32 was John Moore with Corlett and Kelly in equal third place on 31. After the sixth and last stand Alan Wright was second in C class on 25 with lady shooter Nicky Barnett taking the class prize with 26 points.

Will Rand finished in third place in B class with 35 points with John Moore taking second place on 37 with Rob Corlett claiming first place on 38. Alan Wade was third in A on 38 with Dave Corlett taking second place on 39 but the overall winner by five points was junior Michael Cross with 44 points.


A Class

  1. M Cross (J) (44)
  2. D Corlett (39)
  3. A Wade (38)

B Class

  1. R Corlett (38)
  2. J Moore (37)
  3. W Rand (35)

C Class

  1. N Barnett (L) (26)
  2. A Wright (25)
English Sporting Winners: D Corlett, N Barnett, A Wade, M Cross, J Moore, R Corlett and A Wright

Pro Sporting

In the afternoon of the Bank Holiday Friday the fifth round of the Dave & Pam Corlett Pro Sporting League was held with 17 competitors taking part again in near ideal conditions.

The leader after the fist lay out was Alan Wade with 24 points followed by Paul Mihailovits, Peter Kelly and junior Michael Cross on 23 with Brian Faragher next on 22 and making up the top six was Rob Corlett on 21. At the end of the second layout Alan Wright was once again in second place in C Class with 20 points with Nicky Barnett taking the class prize on 23.

Peter Kelly was third in B class with 36 points with Brian Faragher taking second place on 38 but with a well shot 43 Paul Mihailovits was the B class winner. Dave Corlett and John Moore were in equal third place in A class on 35 points with Stan Cross taking second place on 37 but winning A class and the overall winner with 44 points was Alan Wade.


Class A

  1. A Wade (J) (44)
  2. S Cross (37)
  3. J Moore (35)

Class B

  1. P Mihailovits (43)
  2. B Faragher (38)
  3. P Kelly (36)

Class C

  1. N Barnett (23)
  2. A Wright (20)
Pro Sporting Winners: P Mihailovits, D Corlett, A Wade, S Cross, B Faragher, N Barnett, and P Kelly

English Skeet

The next competition was the forth round of the Colin Bowen Memorial English Skeet League which also had the Cesar Leonetti handicap cup up for grabs.

The leader after the fist round was B class shooter Ted Kermeen with the only 25 straight of the round, we then had six shooters tying for second place on 23. In the handicap section Barry Jones was in the lead on 29 points with Ted Kermeen in second place on 28 and half a point back in third place on 27.5 points was junior David Cowin.

After the second round Barry Jones finished in third place in C class with 32 points, in second place on 33 was Nicky Barnett with Steven Rand taking the class prize with 41 points. In B class Madeleine Simpson and David Cowin were in equal third place on 44 with Peter Kelly taking second place on 45 courtesy mainly to having a straight in his second round. The winner of B class was first round leader Ted Kermeen on 48 which was also equal High Gun.

John Moore and Paul Mihailovits were in equal third place in A class on 47 and were also had a tie for first place between Stan Cross and Giulio Fabrizio on 48. In the handicap section for the Leonetti Handicap Cup we had a three way tie for second place between Ted Kermeen, Steven Rand and Barry Jones on 54 points but taking the cup with 55 was junior David Cowin.


Class A

  1. S Cross (48)
  2. G Fabrizio (48)
  3. J Moore (47)
    P Mihailovits (47)

Class B

  1. E Kermeen (48)
  2. P Kelly (45)
  3. D Cowin (J) (44)
    M Simpson (L) (44)

Class C

  1. S Rand (41)
  2. N Barnett (33)
  3. B Jones (32)


  1. D Cowin (44 + 11 = 55)
  2. E Kermeen (48 + 6 = 54)
    S Rand (41 + 13 = 54)
    B Jones (32 + 22 = 54)
English Skeet Winners: P Mihailovits, G Fabrizio, S Cross, N Barnett, J Moore, E Kermeen, S Rand, D Cowin, P Kelly, B Jones, and M Simpson

Sporting Medley

The final competition of the Bank Holiday weekend was the club’s Sporting Medley sponsored by  Juan Cowley, and saw nineteen shooters taking to the stands in dry but cool conditions.

The leader after the first layout of Super Sporting were veteran Dave Corlett and juniors Michael Cross and  David Cowin on 17 followed by Will Rand and junior Arran Wade on 16 and making up the top six was Mark Barnett on 14.

The next layout was English sporting and we had a new leader in junior David Cowin on 41 with Michael Cross in second place on 40 followed by Dave Corlett in third place on 38.

The final layout was Pro Sporting  and at the end Orry Watterson finished in third place in C class on 37 with Alan Wright taking second place on 42 but winning C class with 54 points was David Cowin.

Arran Wade and Mark Barnett finished equal third in B class on 50 points, one point ahead on 51 in second place was Brian Faragher with Will Rand taking B class with 55 points. Peter Kelly finished in third place in A class on 44 with Alan Wade and Dave Corlett in equal first place on 57 but the Sporting Medley Champion for 2021 went to junior Michael Cross with 58 points – well done Michael!


High Gun

  1. M Cross (J) (58)

Class A

  1. D Corlett (57)
  2. A Wade (57)
  3. P Kelly (44)

Class B

  1. W Rand (55)
  2. B Faragher (51)
  3. M Barnett (50)
    Arr Wade (50)

Class C

  1. D Cowin (J) (54)
  2. A Wright (42)
  3. O Watterson (37)


  1. A Wade
    W Rand (112)
  2. B Faragher
    D Cowin (J) (105)
  3. D Corlett
    A Wright (99)
Sporting Medley Winners: P Kelly, W Rand, Arr Wade, A Wade, D Corlett, M Cross, D Cowin, B Faragher, O Watterson, and A Wright