Busy September Weekend

One of the consequences of this year’s lockdowns is that we’ve had to hold one round from each league on a Saturday, and the Tower Insurance DTL League is no exception.

DTL League, Round 5

The fifth round of the Tower Insurance DTL league was held at Meary Veg, Santon, on Saturday afternoon with 17 competitors taking part in near ideal conditions.

The leader after the first round were Phil Ward and juniors Joe Faragher and Arran Wade with 71 points with Arran hitting all 25 targets in his round. In the second round in C class Orry Watterson finished in third place on 118 with Alan Wright taking second place on 119 but taking C class with 129 points was Will Rand. In B class Stan Cross was third on 134 with junior Joe Faragher taking second place on 136 with veteran Jack Clague in first place in B on 137.

Third place in A class went to Mark Riley on 136 ,in second place on 145 was Phil Ward who hit a straight but it was not enough as junior Arran Wade took the high gun and A class by hitting a perfect 25/75 in his second round for a final total of 146.


A Class

  1. Arr Wade (J) (50 / 146)
  2. P Ward (49 / 145)
  3. M Riley (47 / 136)

B Class

  1. J Clague (47 / 137)
  2. J Faragher (J) (46 / 136)
  3. S Cross (46 / 134)

C Class

  1. W Rand (44 / 129)
  2. A Wright (41 / 119)
  3. O Watterson (41 / 118)
DTL Winners: A Wright, J Clague, P Lowe, P Ward, B Faragher, Arr Wade (J), O Watterson, J Faragher (J), W Rand

English Skeet League, Round 5

On Sunday the fifth round of the Colin Bowen Memorial English skeet league was held with 23 competitors taking part in ideal conditions.

The leader after the first round was Stan Cross with a 25 straight, in equal second place on 24 were Rachael Bowen Matthews and Paul Mihailovits, followed by John Moore,Will Rand and Peter Kelly on 23. At the end of the second round Alan Wright and Barry Jones were in equal third place in C class with 30 points with Orry Watterson taking second place on 34 but the winner of C class with 38 points was Nicky Barnett.

Peter Kelly was third in B class with 44 points with Irene Stockil taking second place on 45 with Will Rand taking B class with 46 points. In A class we had a tie for second place between John Moore and Mark Barnett on 47 points with Mark hitting a straight in his second round but the overall winner of A class and highgun on the day was Rachel Bowen Matthews with 49 points with Rachel also having a straight in her second round.


Class A

  1. R B Matthews (L)(49)
  2. M Barnett (47)
    J Moore (47)

Class B

  1. W Rand (46)
  2. I Stockil (L)(45)
  3. P Kelly (44)

Class C

  1. N Barnett (L)(38)
  2. O Watterson (34)
  3. B Jones (30)
    A Wright (30)

Ten shooters carried on to a 100 targets and once again Rachael Bowen Matthews was the winner on 94 with Jeff Corkill and Will Rand in equal second place on 93 followed by Paul Mihailovits on 92.

Skeet Winners: I Stockil, M Barnett, R Bowen Matthews, J Moore, N Barnett, P Kelly, O Watterson