Wet & Windy Winter DTL

First round of 2021 Winter DTL League

The first round of the CU PLAS CALLOW winter DTL league was held at Meary Veg, Santon, with 20 competitors taking part in calm and mainly dry conditions.

The leader after the first round in A class was John Moore with a perfect 25/75 straight with Mike Walker 24/71, Steven Craine 25/71, Mike Parr 24/71 and junior Arran Wade 24/71 all in equal second place. Peter Lowe was the B class leader with a 25/74 straight with George Davies 24/69 and Jack Clague 25/69 in equal second place. Junior Ted Davis 24/69 and Mark Barnett 25/69 were the leaders of C class with lady junior shooter Allana Wade in third place on 23/62.

Allana Wade improved in her second round to finishing in third place in C class on 46/127, second place in C class went to Ted Davis on 45/135 but taking C class with a well shot 48/141 was Mark Barnett. In B class we had a tie for second place between Jack Clague and George Davies on 48/137 but taking B class with 48/140 was Peter Lowe. The first round leader in A class John Moore finished in third place in A class with 48/141 but we had a tie for first place between Mike Walker and junior Arran Wade who both shot 49/144.


A Class

  1. M Walker,
    A Wade (J) 49/144
  2. J Moore 48/141

B Class

  1. 1st P Lowe (48/140)
  2. G Davies,
    J Clague (48/137)

C Class

  1. M Barnett (48/141)
  2. T Davis (J) (45/135)
  3. All Wade (JL) (46/127)
P Lowe, J Clague, Arr Wade, J Moore, M Walker, T Davis, All Wade, M Barnett