Fabrizio claims Medley Title

2022 Skeet Medley

The annual Skeet Medley Championship was held at Meary Veg, Santon, in near perfect conditions.

The leader after the English skeet was Peter Kelly with a perfect straight scoring 24 points as no optional is required, in second place on 23 were Stan Cross and Paul Mihailovits followed by John Moore on 22.

The next discipline was Manx Skeet and we had a new leader in Paul Mihailovits with 47 points with Stan Cross and John Moore in equal second place on 46 followed by Peter Kelly on 45 with Giulio Fabrizio in fifth place on 43. Making up the top six was Dave Corlett on 41.

The third discipline was Skeet Doubles and Mihailovits increased his lead to three by hitting all 26 targets for a running total of 73. Stan Cross was second on 70 with John Moore third on 69, in fourth place on 68 was Giulio Fabrizio and making up the top six was Peter Kelly on 67.

The forth and final skeet discipline was Olympic skeet which proved to be a game changer; Dave Corlett finished in sixth place on 80 with Peter Kelly fifth on 84, John Moore was forth on 84. We had a tie for second place overall between Stan Cross and Paul Mihailovits on 90 points but the surprise winner who trailed the leader by five points going into the last round was Giulio Fabrizio with 91 points having hit 23 in the last discipline Olympic skeet – well done Giulio!


High Gun

  • G Fabrizio (21, 22, 25, 23 = 91)

Class A

  1. S Cross (23, 23, 24, 20 = 90)
  2. P Mihailovits (23, 24, 26, 17 = 90)
  3. J Moore (22, 24, 23, 17 = 86)

Class B

  1. P Fabrizio (20, 17, 18, 14 = 69)

Class C

  1. N Barnett (18, 13, 13, 10 = 54)
P Mihailovits, J Moore, P Fabrizio, G Fabrizio, N Barnett, S Cross