Victory for Corlett on Tynwald Day

2022 Pro Sporting Grand Prix

Thirteen eager competitors took part in the IOM Clay Pigeon Shooting Club’s annual Tynwald Day Pro Sporting Grand Prix, aiming for 100 sporting targets across four layouts.

Class A shooter Alan Wade made his mark on the first layout with just one target missed for an impressive 24 points, pursued by Peter Kelly and Rob Corlett on 22, with Rob’s father Dave Corlett on 21 points. Peter Kelly put in another strong performance on the second layout with 23, where he was joined by Stan Cross and Neil Parsons, with both Corletts, Arran Wade, and Mark Barnett level on 22 by the halfway stage.

Rob Corlett and Peter Kelly hit the ground running after lunch, each scoring 21 points on a tricky third layout, followed by John Moore, Stan Cross, and Alan Wade on 20. Layout four was dominated by Mark Barnett with 22 and Neil Parsons with 21, followed by Rob and Dave Corlett, Stan Cross, and Mark Sweetman – all on 20 points.

The overall winner of C class was Mark Sweetman (71) followed by Brian Kelly (66). Class B consisted of Mark Barnett (78) and junior Arran Wade (72) while class A featured Alan Wade (83), Peter Kelly (82), Stan Cross (81) and Dave Corlett (81). Today’s High Gun goes to Rob Corlett (85) who was the only competitor to score 20 or more in each layout – fantastic shooting, Rob!


High Gun

  • R Corlett (85)

Class A

  1. A Wade (83)
  2. P Kelly (82)
  3. S Cross (81)
  4. D Corlett (81)

Class B

  1. M Barnett (78)
  2. Arr Wade (J) (72)

Class C

  1. M Sweetman (71)
  2. B Kelly (66)


  1. A Wade
    D Corlett (164)
  2. S Cross
    N Parsons (161)
B Kelly, M Sweetman, N Parsons, R Corlett, A Wade, Arr Wade, S Cross, P Kelly, D Corlett, N Barnett