Moore wins All-Rounder

Summer Club All-Round Championship

The IOM Clay Pigeon Shooting Club held their All Round Club Championship kindly sponsored by Manx Petroleum at Meary Veg, Santon, in very changeable conditions.

The leader after the first two disciplines English Skeet and DTL was Mark Barnett with 142 points, in equal second place on 137 were John Moore and junior Joe Faragher followed by Peter Kelly in fourth place on 136. In fifth place on 134 was Brian Faragher and making up the top six was Stan Cross on 132. Joe Faragher and John Moore had straights in English skeet while Mark Barnett was the only one in DTL to have a straight.

After the next two disciplines ABT and Olympic Skeet John Moore had forged a commanding lead going into the sporting section scoring 66 in Olympic skeet to have a running total of 254 to Stan Cross’s 246 in second place with Mark Barnett and Peter Kelly in equal third place on 244 followed by Brian Faragher in fifth place on 227 and making up the top six was Giulio Fabrizio on 220.

The final discipline was sporting and Mark Barnett had a complete melt down only scoring 30 points to finish in sixth place with Giulio Fabrizio on 274 points. In fourth place on 278 points was Brian Faragher with Stan Cross taking third  place on 294 points. Peter Kelly finished the runner up breaking the 300 barrier scoring 301 points but the Champion on the day was John Moore who finished in style, being the only one to clean the last stand of the sporting to take the title by 16 points with a final winning total of 317 – well done John!

John was also veteran champion with Allana Wade taking the honours in the ladies section. Joe Faragher was the junior winner with Stan Cross the senior winner. In the team event Stan Cross and Brian Faragher won with 572 points.


High Gun

  • J Moore (317)
    75 ESK, 62 DTL, 66 OSK, 51 ABT, 63 ESP

Class B

  1. P Kelly (301)
    66 ESK, 70 DTL, 48 OSK, 60 ABT, 57 ESP
  2. S Cross (294)
    60 ESK, 72 DTL, 63 OSK, 51 ABT, 48 ESP
  3. B Faragher (278)
    66 ESK, 68 DTL, 48 OSK, 45 ABT, 51 ESP

Class C

  1. A Wade (L) (242)
    54 ESK, 56 DTL, 27 OSK, 54 ABT, 51 ESP
  2. A Wright (184)
    42 ESK, 52 DTL, 12 OSK, 33 ABT, 45 ESP
  3. N Barnett (L) (150)
    51 ESK, 27 DTL, 21 OSK, 12 ABT, 39 ESP


  • J Moore (317)


  • S Cross (294)


  • A Wade (242)


  • J Faragher (245)

Next week is Meary Veg sporting GP over 120 targets with prize money of over £900 up for grabs. Entries for this are now closed and the squad draw taking place on Wednesday 27th July at 3pm. Duty officers this week are S Craine and T Davis.

B Faragher, A Wade, A Wright, J Moore, N Barnett, S Cross, P Kelly