Wade and Craine in Shoot-Off

Summer DTL Round 4

The fifth round round of the Tower Insurance DTL League was held at Meary Veg, Santon, with 20 competitors taking part in near ideal conditions which also had the Ian Faragher Highgun cup up for grabs.

The leader after the first round was B class shooter Calum Craine with a perfect 25/75 straight, in equal second place were Alan Wade and Peter Kelly also with straights but for 25/74 points, in equal fourth place were junior Arran Wade and Mike Parr also with straights but only 25/73 and making up the top six was John Moore also with a straight 25/72. The leading C class shooter was Alan Wright with 22/63.

After the second round was completed we had a tie for third place in C class between two lady shooters Allana wade and Nicky Barnett on 105, second place in C went to Rob Marshall on 109 with Alan Wright keeping up the good scoring returning another 22 to finish first in C class on 129 points.

Dave Corlett was third in B class on 133 with son Rob taking second place on 137 but taking B class with a 50 straight for 149 points was Calum Craine which was also equal high gun with A class winner Alan Wade who also had 50 straight so a shoot off was required to find out who was the winner of the Ian Faragher Highgun cup. Mike Parr and junior Arran wade were in equal second place in a class on 143.

In the shoot off Alan maintained his good form hitting another perfect straight to win the Ian Faragher Highgun cup.


Class A

  1. A Wade (50 / 149)
  2. M Parr (49 / 143)
  3. Arr Wade (J) (49 / 143)

Class B

  1. C Craine (50 / 149)
  2. R Corlett (46 / 137)
  3. D Corlett (45 / 133)

Class C

  1. A Wright (44 / 129)
  2. R Marshall (38 / 109)
  3. N Barnett (L) (35 / 105)
  4. A Wade (L) (35 / 105)
A Wright, M Parr, N Barnett (L), R Corlett, A Wade, Arr Wade (J), All Wade (L), R Marshall, D Corlett, C Craine

Summer ABT Round 5

In the afternoon the fifth round of the Sadler Agricultural Supplies ABT League was held and the winner was that man again Alan Wade with 47 points, in second place on 46 was Stan Skinner with Rob Watterson taking third place on 45. Mike Parr was fourth on 44 with junior Arran Wade taking fifth place on 43 and making up the top six was Peter Kelly on 42.


  1. A Wade (23, 24 = 47)
  2. Skinner (24, 22 = 46)
  3. R Watterson (22, 23 = 45)

Summer Olympic Skeet Round 5

The fifth round of the Manx Petroleum’s Olympic skeet league was also held and the winner was super vet Dave Clague on 41 with James Bradley taking second place on 38 with Ted Davis in third place on 37.


  1. Clague (20, 21 = 41)
  2. J Bradley (20, 18 = 38)
  3. T Davis (18, 19 = 37)

Next week is the fifth round of the Dave and Pam Corlett Pro Sporting league in the morning with the fifth round of the Suntera Global Sporting League  in the afternoon. Duty officers this week are P Kelly & B Kelly.