Strong Turnout for Easter Skeet

English Skeet, Round 2

Winning Team: S Cross, R Sammer

Fifteen shooters turned out for the 2nd round of the Bowen Family sponsored English Skeet league which took place on Easter Sunday, there was also the Stan Cross Easter High Gun Cup and the George Costain Easter Handicap Cup to shoot for, and these were shot over 50 targets. There was also the Colin Bowen Memorial Team Event where teams were drawn out of the hat this was shot over 100 targets. The condition were dry but blustery at times making the targets unpredictable.

The leader after the first round was B Class shooter Madeline Simpson on an excellent 24 closely followed by three shooters on 23 these being Stan Cross, Paul Mihailovits, and John Moore. When the second round scores were in we had an out right Winner in Stan Cross on 47 ex 50 thus giving Stan the High Gun Cup.  In the handicap section it was a close call between Madeline Simpson and relatively new comer Roman Sammer, Roman came out on top by two point to take the George Costain Handicap Cup.


Class A

  1. S Cross (47)
  2. P Mihailovits (46)
  3. J Moore
  4. R Bowen Matthews
  5. D Corlett (42)

Class B

  1. M Simpson (43)
  2. G Davies (38)

Class C

  1. R Sammer (40)
  2. M Hepworth (38)
  3. M Walker (37)

100 League

  1. S Cross (94)
  2. P Mihailovits (91)
  3. R Bowen Matthews (88)


  1. S Cross
    R Sammer (175)
  2. R Bowen Matthews
    D Corlett (171)
  3. J Corkill
    M Hepworth (166)
  4. P Mihailovits
    P Fabrizio (165)
  5. J Moore
    M Whitehead (143)
P Mihailovits, M Hepworth, D Corlett, S Cross, G Davies, R Sammer, J Moore, R Bowen Matthews, M Simpson, M Walker