Strong Turnout for Easter Skeet

English Skeet, Round 2

Winning Team: S Cross, R Sammer

Fifteen shooters turned out for the 2nd round of the Bowen Family sponsored English Skeet league which took place on Easter Sunday, there was also the Stan Cross Easter High Gun Cup and the George Costain Easter Handicap Cup to shoot for, and these were shot over 50 targets. There was also the Colin Bowen Memorial Team Event where teams were drawn out of the hat this was shot over 100 targets. The condition were dry but blustery at times making the targets unpredictable.

The leader after the first round was B Class shooter Madeline Simpson on an excellent 24 closely followed by three shooters on 23 these being Stan Cross, Paul Mihailovits, and John Moore. When the second round scores were in we had an out right Winner in Stan Cross on 47 ex 50 thus giving Stan the High Gun Cup.  In the handicap section it was a close call between Madeline Simpson and relatively new comer Roman Sammer, Roman came out on top by two point to take the George Costain Handicap Cup.


Class A

  1. S Cross (47)
  2. P Mihailovits (46)
  3. J Moore
  4. R Bowen Matthews
  5. D Corlett (42)

Class B

  1. M Simpson (43)
  2. G Davies (38)

Class C

  1. R Sammer (40)
  2. M Hepworth (38)
  3. M Walker (37)

100 League

  1. S Cross (94)
  2. P Mihailovits (91)
  3. R Bowen Matthews (88)


  1. S Cross
    R Sammer (175)
  2. R Bowen Matthews
    D Corlett (171)
  3. J Corkill
    M Hepworth (166)
  4. P Mihailovits
    P Fabrizio (165)
  5. J Moore
    M Whitehead (143)

Full Results

P Mihailovits, M Hepworth, D Corlett, S Cross, G Davies, R Sammer, J Moore, R Bowen Matthews, M Simpson, M Walker

Squads Announced for Sporting GP

We’ll be starting promptly at 10:00 for this Sunday’s 120 target Sporting GP, please make sure you arrive at the range in good time.



  • Brian Faragher
  • Nicky Barnett
  • Jackie Clague
  • Giulio Fabrizio
  • Tom Bowman


  • George Davies
  • Andy Morgan
  • Alan Wright
  • Dave Corlett
  • John Kneen


  • Stan Cross
  • John Moore
  • Micheal Cross
  • Mark Riley
  • Paul Mihailovits


  • Will Rand
  • Peter Fabrizio
  • Zak Bellhouse
  • Rob Corlett
  • Brian Kelly


  • Peter Kelly
  • Mark Barnett
  • Richard Kneen
  • David Morgan
  • Mark Sweetman


  • Juan Cowley
  • Ted Davis
  • Joe Faragher
  • Steven Craine
  • Callum Craine

Prize Money

High Gun: £140.00
Runner Up: £120.00

Junior High Gun: £20.00
Runner Up: £15.00

Juniors can also win Overall High Gun/Runner Up Prizes and Class Prizes

Class A

  1. £80.00
  2. £60.00
  3. £40.00

Class B

  1. £80.00
  2. £60.00
  3. £40.00

Class C

  1. £80.00
  2. £60.00
  3. £40.00


  1. £80.00
  2. £60.00
  3. £40.00

Many thanks to IOMCPSC and Juan Cowley for sponsoring the event and
Will Rand for purchasing the cups.

Squads Confirmed for GP

CM Partners English Skeet GP

Entries have now closed and a draw has taken place for this Summer’s big Skeet competition, taking place next Sunday 17 July. Squads and teams are as follows:

Team Event Cup

  • P Kelly
  • P Fabrizio
  • N Barnett (L)
  • J Corkill
  • J Moore
  • D Corlett
  • B Faragher
  • G Fabrizio
  • Z Bellhouse
  • R Bowen Matthews
  • M Simpson
  • P Mihailovits
  • D Morgan
  • M Barnett
  • S Cross
  • J Faragher (J)

Squad One

  • P Mihailovits
  • Z Bellhouse (J)
  • M Morgan
  • P Kelly
  • A Morgan

Squad Two

  • R Bowen Matthews
  • B Faragher
  • D Corlett
  • M Barnett
  • G Fabrizio

Squad Three

  • D Morgan
  • J Faragher (J)
  • J Corkill
  • S Cross

Squad Four

  • M Simpson
  • P Fabrizio
  • J Moore
  • N Barnett (L)

Squads Confirmed for Hospice

Just 3 more Sleeps until Charity Shoot

All entries are in and we’re able to confirm the squads for this Saturday’s annual Hospice charity shoot. Please check your times and arrive at least 20 minutes early to help us keep things smooth and promote this worthy cause.

Squad Timings


Brian Faragher
Peter Kelly
Mark Barnett
Juan Cowley
Arthur Hayes
Zac Bellhouse


Peter Allwright
Danny Shimmin
Shannon Roberts
R B Matthews
Arthur Blaymire
Andy Morgan


Jacob Glover
Logan Glover
Josh Glover
Maya Quewley
Davie Glover
Helen Glover


Mark Hepworth
Steve Jones
Li Williamson
Dave Lally
Connor Murray
Neil Murray


L Parnell
Joe Faragher
Julie Faragher
Alan Wright
Allana Wade
Orry Watterson


Scott Glover
Chloe Glover
Sara Faragher
Lucy Faragher
Tom Moore
Olivia Howland


Callum Craine
Tom Bowman
Steven Craine
Dave Clague
Brian Kelly
Mike Parr


James Mylchreest
Davis Collister
John Collister
Bill Collister
Stan Skinner
Michael Carver


George Davies
Dave Corlett
Rob Corlett
Rob Marshall
Paul Mihailovits
James Murphy


Neil Parsons
Michael Cross
Stan Cross
Will Rand
Hannah McCabe
John Moore


Neil Ward
Vanessa Smith
Chris Smith
Sarah Cubbon
Robert Watterson
Ted Kermeen


Fred Waggot
Alan Kinrade
Mark Christian
Wayne Corlett
John Kneen
Richard Kneen

Winter Skeet Kicks Off

2021 English Skeet Winter League – Round 1

The first leg of the Utopia sponsored English Skeet league took place a Meary Veg in Santon. We had a good turnout of 22 competitors in sunny but cold conditions, with the sun affecting many of the competitors when they took to the first stand.

The leaders after the first round of 25 targets were Junior Joe Faragher and Veteran John Moore with 24 closely followed by Paul Mihailovits on 23 with another three competitors tying on 22.  After a well-deserved hot drink and a sausage bap the squads went out again to shoot their final round, with four 24’s being posted.


A Class

  1. Paul Mihailovits (47)
  2. Giulio Fabrizio (46)
  3. Dave Corlett,
    John Moore (45)

B Class

  1. Joe Faragher (J) (46)
  2. Peter Fabrizio,
    Will Rand (41)

C Class

  1. Stephen Rand (36)
  2. Brian Kelly,
    Alan Wright (33)

We also had a new shooter taking part in his first competition having only been down the range a couple of time that was Wayne Barsby, well shot Wayne.

English Skeet Winners: B Kelly, G Fabrizio, P Fabrizio, S Rand, D Corlett, J Faragher, J Moore, P Mihailovits, A Wright