July Bank Holiday Update

Manx Petroleum Olympic Skeet League

It was yet another busy bank holiday weekend at Meary Veg with no less than five competitions taking place .The first one was the Manx Petroleum’s Olympic skeet league on Saturday afternoon which also had the Parkinson High Gun cup up for grabs.

The winner was Mr Olympic skeet himself David Clague with 45 points with junior Michael Cross second on 44 followed by Neil Parsons on 42,the handicap winner was Will Rand with 59 points


  1. D Clague (22, 23 = 45)
  2. M Cross (23, 21 = 44)
  3. N Parsons (20, 22 = 42)
  4. J Bradley (18, 19 = 37)
    J Corkill (17, 20 = 37)
  5. S Cross (19, 16 = 35)

Sadler Agricultural ABT League

The next round of the Sadler Agricultural Supplies ABT league was also held on Saturday afternoon and Mark Riley was the winner with 44 points with Mark hitting a 25 straight in his first round next was Alan Wade in second place on 42 followed by Mike Walker on 40 in third.Junior Arran Wade was the handicap winner with 53 points


  1. M Riley (25, 19 = 44)
  2. A Wade (23, 19 = 42)
  3. M Walker (20, 20 = 40)
  4. P Kelly (19, 20 = 39)
  5. A Stepka (18, 19 = 37)
    B Faragher (18, 19 = 37)

Dave and Pam Corlett Pro Sporting league – 4th Round

On Sunday morning the forth round of the Dave and Pam Corlett Pro Sporting league was held with 21 shooters taking to the stands in very windy but dry conditions which had the Pam & Dave Corlett Highgun and the Meary Veg Handicap cup up for grabs.

The leaders at the half way stage were father and son, Stan and Michael Cross with 23 points followed by George Davies, John Moore and another father and son pairing Alan and Arran Wade on 20. At the end of the competition third place in C class went to junior Joe Faragher on 37, in second place on 38 was Mark Barnett with Will Rand taking C class with 39 points. Equal third in B class were Giulio Fabrizio and Arthur Hayes on 40 points, and we also had a tie for first place between John Moore and Junior Michael Cross on 41. In A class Alan wade was third on 41, with Stan Cross taking second place on 43, but top of the class with 44 points and winning the Pam and Dave Corlett high gun cup was George Davies who hit a fine 24 in his second round. The Meary Veg handicap winner was Mark Barnett with 66 points


A Class

  1. G Davies (20, 24 = 44)
  2. S Cross (23, 20 = 43)
  3. A Wade (20, 21 = 41)

B Class

  1. =1st J Moore (20, 21 = 41)
    M Cross (23, 18 = 41)
  2. G Fabrizio (19, 21 = 40)
    A Hayes (19, 21 = 40)

C Class

  1. W Rand (20, 19 = 39)
  2. M Barnett (17, 21 = 38)
  3. J Faragher (16, 21 = 37)


  • M Barnett (38 + 28 = 66)

SMP Partners Sporting League – 4th Round

The next competition was the forth round of the SMP Partners Sporting league on Sunday afternoon, this also had two cups up for grabs the Ted Gohl Highgun trophy and the Brian Faragher Handicap cup, nineteen shooters took part in this again in very windy conditions.

Roy Moore was in third place in C class with 25 points, with Mark Barnett taking second place on 30 points, with Will Rand winning C class with 31 points. We had a three way tie for third place in B class with Giulio Fabrizio, Arran Wade and Brian Faragher all scoring 31 points, in second place on 32 was Alan Wade with Peter Fabrizio taking B class with 33 points. Third place in A class went to Peter Kelly with 35 points, with Ben Richards taking second place on 38, in first place and winning the Ted Gohl Highgun trophy was Stan Cross with 39 points. In the handicap section it was a good day for Mark Barnett as he made it a double cup winning day by winning the Brian Faragher Handicap cup with 56 points.


A Class

  1. S Cross (39)
  2. B Richards (38)
  3. P Kelly (35)

B Class

  1. P Fabrizio (33)
  2. A Wade (32)
  3. B Faragher (31)
    Arr Wade (31)
    G Fabrizio (31)

C Class

  1. W rand (31)
  2. M Barnett (30)
  3. R Moore (25)


  • 1st M Barnett (30 + 26 = 56)

Cross Skeet Doubles

The fifth and final competition of the bank holiday weekend was the Cross Doubles kindly sponsored by The Cross Family, with 20 competitors taking part in very windy conditions making high scoring difficult.

The leader at the half way stage was Giulio Fabrizio with 42 points, in second place on 40 was James Simpson, with Paul Mihailovits in third place on 39, followed by John Moore and Stan Cross on 38. At the end of the shoot the ladies winner was Madeleine Simpson with 58 points, in third place in the junior section was David Cowin with 55 points, Joe Faragher was in second place on 66, but taking the junior class with 76 points was Michael Cross. In the team section Peter Kelly and John Moore were third on 151, with Giulio Fabrizio and Paul Mihailovits taking second place on 154, but the team winners were Dave Corlett and James Simpson on 158. In third place overall was John Moore on 80, with Dave Corlett beating John on count back for second place also with 80 points, but the new Cross Doubles champion is Jeff Corkill who scored 81 points in very difficult conditions.



  1. J Corkill (18, 19, 21, 23 = 81)
  2. D Corlett (15, 21, 21, 23 = 80)
  3. J Moore (16, 22, 20, 22 = 80)


  • M Simpson (10, 21, 13, 14 = 58)


  1. M Cross (18, 19, 16, 23 = 76)
  2. J Faragher (18, 16, 16, 16 = 66)
  3. D Cowin (14, 12, 11, 18 = 55)

This Saturday is the Crowe Morgan English Skeet GP over 100 targets, with morning and afternoon sessions, contact Peter for details. On Sunday is the next round of the Colin Bowen Memorial English skeet league with the Easter Highgun and Handicap cups up for grabs entries close at 10am

Busy Weekends rounds off June

It has been another busy week at Meary Veg with  three competitions taking place:

Pro Sporting League – 3rd Round

First up on Tuesday evening was the third round of the Dave and Pam Corlett
Pro Sporting league with 16 competitors taking part in near ideal conditions. The leader at the half way stage was Alan Wade with a well shot 24, in equal second second place on 22 were Peter Kelly and the Cross boys Stan and Michael with Dave Corlett next on 21. After the final 25 the winner was Alan wade with 45 with Dave Corlett and Michael Cross in equal second place on 42 followed by Peter Kelly on 41 with Mark Riley and Stan Cross in equal fifth place on 40.


A Class

  1. A wade (24, 21 = 45)
  2. D Corlett (21, 21 = 42)
  3. P Kelly (22, 19 = 41)

B Class

  1. M Cross (jnr) (22, 20 = 42)
  2. J Moore (18, 19 = 37)
  3. B Faragher (15, 16 = 31)

C Class

  1. W Rand (15, 20 = 35)
  2. A Stepka (15, 14 = 29)
  3. D Cowin (jnr) (12, 15 = 27)

DTL League – 3rd Round

The next competition on Saturday afternoon was the third round of the Tower
Insurance DTL league with 19 competitors taking part in breezy dry conditions and again Alan wade was the leader at the half way stage hitting a 25 straight for 74 points only second barrelling his last target for a perfect round. In second place on 72 was Mark Riley with Peter Kelly and Neil parsons in equal third place on 71. Alan Wade made no mistake in  his second round hitting all targets with his first barrel for a perfect 25/75 for a final score of 50/149 with Mark Riley second on 49/145 followed by Neil Parsons and Peter Kelly on 49/144 .


A Class

  1. A Wade (50 / 149)
  2. M Riley (49 / 145)
  3. P Kelly
    N Parsons (49 / 144)

B Class

  1. D Corlett (47 / 137)
  2. M Parr (45 / 134)
  3. S Cross (45 / 125)

C Class

  1. R Corlett (45 / 128)
  2. R Moore (40 / 118)
  3. J Lapa (40 / 110)

IOM Olympic Skeet Championship

The final shoot on Sunday was the IOM Olympic Skeet Championship sponsored
by Sadler Agricultural Supplies with 13 competitors taking part in very wet and windy conditions.

The leader after the first round was junior Ted Davis with 18 with James Bradley and  father and son Stan Cross and Michael Cross in equal second place on 17 followed by Jeff Corkill and John Moore on 16.With the weather deteriorating making putting in a good score was difficult but James Bradley managed just that scoring 21 to lead on 38, in equal second place on 34 were Michael Cross and John Moore with Ted Davis and Neil Parsons next on 33. It was status quo after round three with James Bradley leading on 55 followed by  Michael Cross and Neil Parsons on 51. After the fourth and final round Dave Clague hit the best round of the day a 22 to finish in third place on 70,Michel Cross also got into the twenties scoring 20 to finish in second place on 71 and also take the junior prize sponsored by Neil Parsons and Stan Cross, but the IOM Olympic skeet champion for 2020 is James Simpson with 72 points – well done James!



  1. J Bradley (17, 21, 17, 17 = 72)
  2. M Cross (17, 17, 17, 20 = 71)
  3. D Clague (14, 16, 18, 22 = 70)


  1. M Cross (71)
  2. T Davis (65)
Olympic Skeet Winners: M Cross, J Bradley, and D Clague

Next week on Saturday is the next round of the Sadler Agricultural supplies ABT league and the Manx Petroleum’s Olympic skeet league, On Sunday is the next round of the Pam and Dave Corlett Pro Sporting league in the morning and in the afternoon the next round of the SMP Parners Sporting league, on bank holiday Monday is the Cross Doubles sponsored by the Cross family, this is a phone in entries shoot, please contact Peter or Stan. Duty officers this Saturday morning are J Moore & D Corlett

First Rounds of 2020 Sporting

SMP Partners Sporting League

The first round of the SMP Partners Sporting league was held at Meary Veg, Santon with 21 competitors taking part in dry but cold windy conditions.

The leader after the first stand was Marty Kneen on 6, with Dave Corlett, Dean Marchbank and Wayne Tomlinson in equal second place on 5, followed by Ben Richards, Dave Clague, Brian Faragher, Alan wade, Michael Cross, Paul Mihailovits and Giulio Fabrizio on 4. Marty Kneen was stil in the lead after stand two on 10, followed by Dave Corlett, Brian Faragher, Alan Wade, Michael Cross and Wayne Tomlinson on 9. We had joint leaders after stand tree with Marty Kneen and Stan Cross tying on 15, for first place with Ben Richards in third place on 13. It was status quo after stand four with Kneen and Cross on 20, followed by Richards on 18.

It was all change after stand five with Cross in the lead on 29, followed now by Richards on 26, with Kneen now third on 25. After stand six Cross and Kneen were now the joint leaders on 34, with Dave Corlett now third on 32, followed by Dave Clague on 31, with Ben Richards now fifth on 30, and making up the top six were juniors Arran Wade and Michael Cross on 29. After the seventh and last stand David Cowin was second in C class with 12 points, with Will Rand first on 23. In B class Michael Cross and Dean Marchbank were in equal second place on 30, but taking the honours in B class was Brian Faragher on 32. In A class Dave Corlett and Ben Richards tied for third place on 35, with Stan Cross taking second place on 38, but top of the class was Marty Kneen on 39.


A Class

  1. M Kneen (39)
  2. S Cross (38)
  3. D Corlett (35)
    B Richards (35)

B Class

  1. B Faragher (32)
  2. M Cross (30)
    D Marchbank (30)

C Class

  • W Rand (23)
  • D Cowin (12)

Dave and Pam Corlett Pro Sporting League

In the afternoon the first round of the Dave and Pam Corlett Pro Sporting league was held with 17 competitors taking part again in dry but windy conditions.

The leader after the first set of 25 was Alan wade on 22, followed by Stan Cross and Marty Kneen on 21, with junior Michael Cross next on 20, we then had junior Arran Wade on 18, with Juan Cowley, Paul Mihailovits, Giulio Fabrizio, Dave Corlett and John Moore in equal sixth place on 17. After the second set of 25, Will rand was first in C class with 25 points, in B class John Moore was third on 32, with Giulio Fabrizio in second place on 34, with Michael Cross taking the honours in B class with 36 points. In A Class we had a three way tie for first place between Juan Cowley who had the best score of the second round with 21 points, Stan Cross and Alan wade on 38 points.


A Class

  1. J Cowley (17, 21 = 38)
    S Cross (21, 17 = 38)
    A Wade (22, 16 = 38)

B Class

  1. M Cross (20, 16 = 36)
  2. G Fabrizio (17, 17 = 34)
  3. J Moore (17, 15 = 32)

C Class

  1. W Rand (16, 9 = 25)

Next week is the first round of the Colin Bowen Memorial English skeet league. Duty officers this week are J Moore & A Pearson

Winter All-Round Club Championship

The Winter all round club Championship was held at Meary Veg, Santon with 22 competitors taking part in very windy but dry conditions.

The first two disciplines DTL and Pro sporting were shot first and the leader at this stage was B class shooter George Davies on 130 points in second place on 128 was Paul Mihailovits with Stan Cross and Peter Kelly in equal third place on 125. In fifth place on 123 was junior Michael Cross with John Moore making up the top six on 122.

The last discipline English skeet was next which was shot in reverse order and with the wind getting even stronger good scores were hard to come by. In C class third place went to Joseph Lapa on 89 points, in second place on 131 was Will Rand but taking first place on 136 was Arthur Stepka. In equal sixth place overall and equal third place in A class were Dave Corlett and Juan Cowley who missed low house seven for a straight on 177, in fourth place overall and second in A was John Moore on 188, in third place overall and first in A class was Paul Mihailovits with 191 points. Second place overall was B class shooter Michael Cross on 192 but top of the pile and Winter club all round Champion, with his new gun, was B class shooter George Davies – well done George!


A Class

  1. P Mihailovits (63, 65, 63 = 191)
  2. J Moore (66, 68, 54 = 188)
  3. D Corlett (60, 63, 54)
    J Cowley (72, 60, 45 = 177)

B Class

  1. G Davies (63, 67, 63 = 193)
  2. M Cross (69, 66, 57 = 192)
  3. J Corkill (63, 51, 57 = 171)

C Class

  1. A Stepka (54, 55, 27 = 136)
  2. W rand (48, 47, 36 = 131)
  3. J Lapa (30, 32, 27 = 89)

High Gun

  • G Davies 63 ES, 67 DTL, 63PS = 193

Next week is a come and try it day for anybody wanting to come and have a go at clay shooting the cost is £5 for 15 shots with all equipment coaching supplied, so come along and have a go, it is also a work party to get the range ready for the Summer season.

In Memoriam of George R Costain

It is with regret that we report that our Patron, George Costain, passed away on Wednesday 10th January. 

Whilst this is a moment for sad reflection it should also be a time to celebrate happy times spent in George’s company and all the things that George has done to help our Club thrive and create the wonderful facilities we enjoy today.

Old group photo showing the original MCPSA
From left to right: Eddie Corlett, Ron Casey, Billy Moore, Margaret Corlett, Ned Christian, George Costain, Edward Corlett, Roy Christian, ? Rimmington, Wilf Cannell, Col. Erington Brewis, Alan Raynor, John Moore, John Quilliam, Eddie Kelly, Peter Kelly, Jack Clague

George was one of our founding members, when the Douglas Gun Club and The Southern Game Preservation Society amalgamated in the early 1970’s.  As Chairman, President and Patron George was a driving force in the promotion and establishment of both our club and clay shooting on the Island.  George was the founding Chairman of the MCPSA and shot for the Island many times including at the first CSFED Games that the Isle of Man competed in and at Home Countries Skeet Internationals.  He was Shooting Manager for the Commonwealth Games Team in New Zealand in 1990 and the Commonwealth Shooting Federation Games in India in 1995.  

Many of us will have memories of game shooting with George both on and off the Island where his Manx ‘skeet’ made a three hour journey seem to pass in half an hour!  At the drinks and lunch breaks George would take photographs and often produce from his pocket, along with a bag of sweets, old photographs to remind all of previous happy days spent together.  George was an excellent game shot being an early member of the exclusive Bols Snippen Club for getting a left and right Woodcock and such feats as bringing down a duck that everyone else had thought out of range (shame it was white and carried a penalty of £25!).  

Initially our club shot at Broogh Fort, Santon and many will remember enjoying bacon baps in our port-a-cabin whilst outside the clays often disappeared into the cold mist!  When we lost the use of Broogh Fort George was instrumental in holding the club together and, after several years in the wilderness using temporary ranges, eventually charmed and persuaded politicians and civil servants to grant us a lease on Meary Veg.  George helped to get planning permission (becoming an expert on the Manx Chough and managing to get a cup of tea out of the planning appeal committee in the process!) and finally assisting with encouragement, shovel, saw, hammer, brush, pork pies and tea as our new home emerged.

George was small in stature but full of energy and a larger than life character in his own polite, understated, gentlemanly but mischievous way.  Clay, game and rifle shooting were just a small part of his life.  A skilled motorcyclist ‘Sparrow’ Costain won the 1954 Senior MGP in an epic race in atrocious weather – a report on the race is well worth a read. 

George was also an instrumental member of The Southern Motorcycle Club helping them to establish racing at the Billown Circuit in the 1950’s.  

There are many more stories to be told of George’s sporting achievements and his working life as a butcher and farmer.  Our sympathies go to George’s family, of whom he was so proud.  Like us we are sure that they have many happy proud memories and stories to tell of a Manx gentleman it has been a privilege for us all to have loved and call a friend.

Black and white image of a vintage motorcycle racer
George Costain in the Senior Manx Grand Prix of 1954 – © Island Photographics