DTL – Winter 2021

Aggregated League Results

All league results are based on a penalty points system, whereby each competitor receives a penalty equal to the difference between their score and the winning score. This means that the winner receives zero penalty points, and somebody not taking part receives maximum penalty points, equal to the highest score on the day.

Each competitor's penalties are are added up at the end of the league, before subtracting their single largest penalty in the case of a 4 round winter league, or their largest two penalties in case of a 6 round summer league. The league is won by the competitor with the lowest penalty score, followed by the rest of the field in ascending order of penalties.

Class A

A Wade13851410148014505501
Arr Wade (J)14401365136121432191272
M Walker14401401133151387231583
J Moore1413114271417134114827214
S Craine1391113651417132133613235
C Craine014412912139212817175144316
P Kelly13212122191399130155519367
B Faragher13212138312325121246425398
M Parr1341012120014813510188148409
M Riley014401411408142329614415210
P Ward0144117241426014531914517411
A Hayes0144014113513014544314529812
Winter 2021 DTL League results, class A. R1 = round 1, P1 = points in round 1, R2 = round 2, etc.

Class B

S Cross1271312911361013522613131
P Lowe14000130132141361145130152
J Faragher (J)12713013014601316149130193
A Wright1152501301054184532491301194
J Clague13731300014601372861461405
G Davies138211515014601373001461546
P Fabrizio100407555014601373781462327
R Corlett01400130014613704161402768
G Fabrizio01401246014601374291462839
Winter 2021 DTL League results, class B. R1 = round 1, P1 = points in round 1, R2 = round 2, etc.

Class C

M Barnett14101270131612417611
D Cowin Jnr01411141313701250154141132
A Wade (L, J)1271401271172010025186127593
T Davis (J)13561270013701252681371314
B Kelly104469235013701253431372065
N Barnett (L)76658443013701253701372336
R Marshall014101271251201254051412647
Winter 2021 DTL League results, class C. R1 = round 1, P1 = points in round 1, R2 = round 2, etc.

Individual Rounds

4 – 13 February 2022

NameClassHitsPointsHitsPointsHits TotalPoints Total
A WadeA2571257450145
Arr Wade (J)A2575246849143
M RileyA2573246949142
M WalkerA2265257347138
R CorlettB2571226647137
P LoweB2264247246136
M ParrA2368236746135
S CrossB2264247146135
J MooreA2470226446134
D CorlettB2265236845133
S CraineA2471216145132
J Faragher (J)2368216344131
P KellyA2159247145130
C CraineA2467226146128
D Cowin (J)2162216342125
M Barnett2266205842124
B FaragherA2161206041121
All Wade (L)2260164038100
A WrightB144117433184
D LallyUC2060002060
Results for Winter DTL League – Round Four – 13 February 2022

3 – 23 January 2022

NameClassHitsPointsHits PointsHits TotalPoints Total
A WadeA2573257550148
J Faragher (J)B2575247149146
P WardA2573246949142
S CraineA2471247048141
J MooreA2368257348141
D LallyU/C2471247048141
M RileyA2469257149140
P KellyA2469247048139
C CraineU/C2468257149139
D Cowin2471236647137
Arr Wade (J)A2472226446136
S CrossB2471226546136
A HayesA2468236747135
M WalkerA2262247146133
P LoweB2162247045132
M Barnett2266236545131
R Marshall2162226343125
B FaragherA2162226143123
M SweetmanU/C2367195442121
All Wade (J, L)1956216140117
A WrightB2056174937105
Results for Winter DTL League – Round Three – 23 January 2022

2 – 2 January 2022

NameClassHitsPointsHitsPointsHits TotalPoints Total
A WadeA2471257049141
M WalkerA2573236748140
B FaragherA2468247048138
S CraineA2469236747136
Arr Wade (J)A2470226646136
J ClagueB2263236745130
S CrossB2366226345129
C CraineN/A2058247144129
T Davis (J)C2059236843127
M Barnett2058236943127
G FabrizioB2163216142124
P KellyA2362226045122
M ParrA2059226242121
P WardA2055216241117
G DaviesB1956225941115
J MooreA1853216139114
D Cowin (J)C2058195639114
B KellyC154516473192
O Watterson (NM)N/A92621643090
N Barnett (L)C123616482884
P FabrizioB123016452875
M SweetmanN/A113213332465
C Muller (NM)N/A112715382665
Results for Winter DTL League – Round Two – 2 January 2022

1 – 28 November

NameClassHitsPointsHitsPointsHits TotalPoints Total
Arr Wade (J)A2471257349144
M WalkerA2471257349144
J MooreA2575236648141
M Barnett2469247248141
P LoweB2574236648140
G DaviesB2469246948138
A WadeA2366257248138
S CraineA2571236848139
J ClagueB2569236848137
T Davis (J)2369226645135
M ParrA2471226346134
B FaragherA2060257245132
P KellyA2368226445132
All Wade (J, L)2362236546127
J Faragher (J)B2162236544127
S CrossB2365226245127
A WrightB1851236441115
B Kelly2057164736104
P FabrizioB1748185235100
N Barnett (L)113315452678
Results for Winter DTL League – Round One – 28 November 2021