English Skeet – Summer 2023


Aggregated Results

All league results are based on a penalty points system, whereby each competitor receives a penalty equal to the difference between their score and the winning score. This means that the winner receives zero penalty points, and somebody not taking part receives maximum penalty points, equal to the highest score on the day.

Each competitor's penalties are are added up at the end of the league, before subtracting their single largest penalty in the case of a 4 round winter league, or their largest two penalties in case of a 6 round summer league. The league is won by the competitor with the lowest penalty score, followed by the rest of the field in ascending order of penalties.

Class A

Name12 MAR09 APR16 JUL23 JUL10 SEP08 OCTTotalPenaltyFinalRank
P Mihailovits01460225148301/12
S Cross20314835751602/12
R B Matthews (L)65020506356703/12
J Moore750484367551204/12
J Corkill1061448473581505/12
W Rand84744480111951606/12
P Kelly947455373561707/12
J Simpson494704050150995108/12
M Cross247460483146955109/12
D Corlett554648485157966110/12
J Faragher (L)1347464850168987011/12
Z Bellhouse (J)494746484842429714512/12
Aggregated results for 2023 Summer English Skeet League, Class A

Class B

Name12 MAR09 APR16 JUL23 JUL10 SEP08 OCTTotalPenaltyFinalRank
M Simpson410101145751601/04
G Davies385241008679702/04
B Faragher04300371393801303/04
S Rand3434541245179908904/04
Aggregated results for 2023 Summer English Skeet League, Class B

Class C

Name12 MAR09 APR16 JUL23 JUL10 SEP08 OCTTotalPenaltyFinalRank
R Sammer50000055001/12
M Hepworth027271028171102/12
C Workman2592134980621803/12
R Marshall13524291283552804/12
B Kelly540942316115823305/12
M Walker534642349148955306/12
P Fabrizio4644642486192949807/12
M Whitehead46404642710191929908/12
I Stockil (L)464012848492039710609/12
D Morgan464046424842269413210/12
T Hepworth (L)4640254248262279413311/12
W Barsby1440464248492399714212/12
Aggregated results for 2023 Summer English Skeet League, Class C

100 Target Class

Name12 MAR09 APR16 JUL23 JULFinalRank
R B Matthews (L)26081601/14
R Sammer1113073102/14
M Hepworth7138174503/14
J Corkill209794504/14
P Mihailovits039009305/14
J Moore92929519806/14
D Corlett211909519807/14
C Workman1394129521408/14
B Kelly1894209522709/14
S Cross920909527710/14
B Faragher9294901529111/14
P Fabrizio9220909529712/14
M Whitehead9236909531313/14
J Simpson9294909537114/14

Individual Rounds

Round 6 – 8 October

P MihailovitsA232524254897
R SammerC252422244995
D CorlettA232224224591
J CorkillA232322204688
M HepworthC201920183977
M WhiteheadC182120173976
W RandA25255050
P KellyA22254747
S CrossA23244747
M CrossA23244747
J MooreA24234747
Z BellhouseA23234646
D MorganC22234545
G DaviesB24214545
G FabrizioB22224444
P FabrizioC19244343
L KirkpatrickU/C21224343
M SimpsonB22194141
R MarshallC18193737
B Kelly15183333
B FaragherB17153232
T HepworthC11122323
Results for 2023 Summer Skeet League – Round Six -8 October 2023

Round 5 – 10 September

R Sammer2424252448971361
R B MatthewsA242423244895351
J SimpsonA242423234894452
P MihailovitsA212524244694248
M Whitehead2318172141791455
M Walker24214545954
B Kelly232245451055
J MooreA24204444347
P KellyA21224343346
M Hepworth212041411152
R Marshall201939391049
G DaviesB21163737744
M Simpson (L)B17193636844
C Workman191635351146
S RandB16193535944
Results for 2023 Summer Skeet League – Round Five -10 September 2023

Round 4 – 23 July

P MihailovitsA232525224895
R Sammer222023234288
R B MatthewsA232321204687
J CorkillA222220224486
J SimpsonA232120224486
B FaragherB192219204180
M HepworthC202022164078
M CrossA24244848
S CrossA25224747
P KellyA20234343
J FaragherA21214242
M SimpsonB19224141
C WorkmanC18224040
I StockilC18163434
Results for 2023 Summer Skeet League – Round Four – 23 July 2023

Round 3 – 16 July

J SimpsonA232322254693450
R SammerC2323232146901359
R B Matthews (L)A222422224690349
J MooreA232323194688349
J CorkillA232219194583348
M HepworthC2316232039821150
C WorkmanC2017192237781148
B KellyC1819181537701047
B FaragherB23224545651
R MarshallC242044441054
G DaviesB22214343750
S CrossA22214343245
J FaragherA22204242547
P KellyA23194242345
W RandA22204242345
M Simpson (L)B22133535843
I Stockil (L)171734341246
T Hepworth (L)U/C8132121021
Results for 2023 Summer Skeet League – Round Three – 16 July 2023

Round 2 – 9 April

S CrossA232424234794249
P MihailovitsA232323224691248
R Bowen MA202223234288345
J MooreA231922214285345
J CorkillA202121234185344
D CorlettA212120214283446
R SammerC1723202140811353
M HepworthC2018222138811149
P FabrizioC201619193674945
M WhiteheadU/C181413133258032
M SimpsonB24194343851
G DaviesB21173838745
M WalkerC18193737946
C Workman181735351146
R MarshallC171835351045
Results for 2023 Summer Skeet League – Round Two – 9 April 2023

Round 1 – 12 March

P MihailovitsA252423204992
D CorlettA242022244490
R B Matthews (L)A232024234390
M HepworthC242221184685
R SammerC241720204181
C Workman212317184479
B KellyC202115184174
J CorkillA182120133972
M CrossA25224747
S CrossA23244747
J MooreA21214242
W RandA19224141
B FaragherB20214141
M WalkerC21204141
P KellyA20204040
S RandB18203838
J Faragher (J)A17193636
R MarshallC17163333
W BarsbyC16163232
M CoxU/C1071717
Results for 2023 Summer Skeet League – Round One – 12 March 2023