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Pre-Christmas Shoot

The IOM Clay Pigeon shooting Club held their annual pre Christmas shoot at Meary Veg Santon with 21 competitors taking part in very windy and wet conditions.

The event was held over three disciplines of twenty targets in each discipline. Skeet Doubles was shot first and we had joint leaders in Calum Craine and Brian Faragher with 18 points followed by Stan Cross, Jeff Corkill and Dave Corlett on 17. The next discipline was Double Rise and Brian Faragher was in the lead on his own with 32 points with Rob Corlett now in second place on 31 followed by Calum Craine, Stan Cross, Mike Walker and junior Joe Faragher on 28. The leading C class shooter at this stage was Brian Kelly on 23.

The final discipline was Pro Sporting and in C Class we had a sudden death tie break for second place between Harvey Stembridge and Andre Visjhov, with Andre taking second place and Harvey third place but the winner of C class with 35 points was Brian Kelly. In B class Stan Cross finished in third place on 41 points with Calum Craine taking second place with 43 points but winning B Class with 44 points was Brian Faragher. John Moore finished in third place in A class with 39 points but we had to have another sudden death shoot off for first and second place’s between Mike Walker and Peter Kelly who both scored 41 points and the winner of the shoot off was Mike Walker. The highgun on the day went to Rob Corlett with a very well shot 49, well done Rob.

A team event was also held and the winners were Rob Corlett and Mike Walker with 90 points with Joe Faragher and Jeff Corkill second with 78 points.


High Gun

  1. R Corlett (49)

Class A

  1. M Walker (42)
  2. P Kelly (41)
  3. J Moore (39)

Class B

  1. B Faragher (44)
  2. C Craine (43)
  3. S Cross (41)

Class C

  1. B Kelly (35)
  2. A Visjhov (27)
  3. H Stembridge (26)


  1. R Corlett &
    M Walker (90)
  2. J Faragher &
    J Corkill (78)

Moore Brings Home the Bacon

2022 Club Christmas Shoot

The annual Christmas Shoot was held at Meary Veg, Santon, and was sponsored by the club it self including a range of meat prizes. The shoot itself was held over three disciplines; 20 Double Rise, 20 Skeet Doubles and 20 Pro Sporting, and saw 19 competitors taking part in very windy and very cold conditions.

The joint leaders after the Double Rise were Peter Kelly and John Moore, both in A class, and junior Joe Faragher in B class with 16 points. The leading C class shooter was newcomer Will Challoner on 11. The next discipline was Skeet doubles and John Moore was in the lead on his own in A class with 31 points with Jeff Corkill second on 29 followed by Dave Corlett in third place in A on 28.

Leading B class was Will rand on 28 with Mark Barnett and Joe Faragher in equal second place on 27. We had a new leader in C class in junior Zac Bellhouse on 21 with Dave Morgan in second place on 18 and Brian Kelly in third place on 17. The final discipline was Pro Sporting which was shot from one of the new shelters and saw Dave Morgan finish in third place in C class on 25 with Brian Kelly now in second place on 30. Taking C class with 34 points was junior Zac Bellhouse. Michael Cross finished in third place in B class with 42 points with Will Rand taking second place on 43 but piping him by one point with a final total of 44 and top scoring in the Pro Sporting was Mark Barnett.

We had to have a shoot-off for third place in A class between Dave Corlett and Paul Mihailovits who both scored 42, which Dave won by one point, in second place on 43 was Peter Kelly with Jeff Corkill taking first place in A on 45 but the overall winner with 47 points was John Moore – well done John!


High Gun

  • J Moore (15 DR, 16 SDK, 16 PSP = 47)

Class A

  1. J Corkill (13, 16, 16 = (45)
  2. P Kelly (15, 12, 16 = 43)
  3. D Corlett (12, 16, 14 = 42)

Class B

  1. M Barnett (11, 16, 17 = 44)
  2. W Rand (13, 15, 15 = 43)
  3. M Cross (12, 14, 16 = 42)

Class C

  1. Z Bellhouse (J) (9, 12, 13 = 34)
  2. B Kelly (7, 10, 13 = 30)
  3. D Morgan (7, 11, 7 = 25)
2022 Christmas Shooters

A team event was also incorporated in the shoot and the winners were Joe Faragher & J Moore (89) with M Barnett / M Cross (86) taking second place on count back from P Kelly & W Rand (86) in third place with J Corkill & Z Bellhouse fourth. (79)

The range is open on Christmas eve till 13:00, closed on Christmas Day then the Boxing Day Shoot sponsored by Top Spec Fencing is on Tuesday 27th December over 50 Single Barrel DTL. We also have a non members section over 25 targets for anybody that has not shot competition before. The prizes will be presented at the Crosby Hotel after the meal, we still have a few places left for anybody that wishes to come along, contact Peter on 461203 for details. Duty officers this Saturday are P & B Kelly.

Triple Trap Delight for Craine

Trap Medley

The Meary Veg Trap Medley kindly sponsored by building contractors Creer & Kelly Ltd was held at Meary Veg, Santon in near perfect conditions. The format of the competition is 30 DTL, 30 ABT and 30 Double Rise.

The leader after the DTL section was Mike Walker with 89 points with Rob Corlett in second place on 87 followed by Phil Ward in third place on 86, Steven Craine was fourth on 85 with Peter Kelly in fifth place on 82 and making up the top six were John Moore and Dave Corlett on 80.

The next round was ABT and Stan Skinner was the new leader only missing one target for a running total of 163, in second place on 161 was Mike Walker with Steven Craine and Peter Kelly in equal third place on 160. In fifth place on 158 was Phil ward with Rob Corlett making up the top six on 156.

Double rise was the last discipline which proved to be a game changer for some; John Moore finished in sixth place on 218, fifth place went to Peter Kelly on 220 with Stan Skinner who was the leader after the ABT finishing in fourth place  on 223. Third place went to Rob Corlett on 228 with his dad David taking the runner up spot on 230 but the winner with 238 points was Steven Craine – well done Stevie!


  1. S Craine (85, 75, 78 = 238)
  2. D Corlett (80, 72, 78 = 230)
  3. R Corlett (87, 69, 72 = 228)
  4. S Skinner (76, 87, 60 = 223)
  5. P Kelly (82, 78, 60 = 220)
  6. J Moore (80, 75, 63 = 218)

Next week is the Manx Skeet Championship sponsored by John Moore over 50 targets.

Winter 2021 Pre-Christmas Cracker

A Festive Trio of Targets

The annual pre Christmas shoot was held at Meary Veg, Santon, with 23 competitors taking part in dry calm but misty conditions and was sponsored by the club as a way of a thank you to members for their support over the past year.

It was a new format this year with Skeet Doubles, Double Rise and a shortened Pro Sporting to make it a 60 target shoot. The leaders of A class after the Skeet Doubles were Stan Cross and Paul Mihailovits with a full house, hitting all 20 targets with George Davies, John Moore and Giulio Fabrizio next on 18. In B class Michael Cross was the leader also on 20 with with Will Rand, Mark Barnett and Brian Faragher next all on 17. Steven Rand was the C class leader on 15 with Brian Kelly next on 14 followed by Nicky Barnett on 13.

The next discipline was Double Rise and Stan Cross first with a running total of 34 with Steven Craine next on 33 followed by Paul Mihailovits in third place on 31. Michel Cross was still the leader of B class also on 34 points the same as his Dad in A class, but we had a four way tie for second place between Will Rand, Brian Faragher, Mark Barnett and Ted Kermeen all on 28. Steven Rand was still the leader of C class with 22 points with Brian Kelly and Allana Wade in equal second place on 21 with Nicky Barnett and Orry Watterson next on 20.

The final discipline Pro Sporting saw Allana Wade taking third place in C class with 32 points with Brian Kelly in second place on 33 points but taking C class with 34 points was Steven Rand. In B class Brian Faragher was third on 44 with Mark Barnett second on 45 with Will Rand taking B class with 46 points, Michael Cross who was leading B class shot 19 on the pro sporting to take highgun overall with 53 points beating his dad by two points who was the winner of A class on 51 points, Paul Mihailovits was second in A on 49 with George Davies taking third place on 48.


High Gun

  • M Cross (J) (20, 14, 19 = 53)

Class A

  1. S Cross (20, 14, 17 = 51)
  2. P Mihailovits (20, 11, 18 = 49)
  3. G Davies (18, 12, 18 = 48)

Class B

  1. W Rand (17, 11, 18 = 46)
  2. M Barnett (17, 11, 17 = 45)
  3. B Faragher (17, 11, 16 = 44)

Class C

  1. S Rand (15, 7, 12 = 34)
  2. B Kelly (14, 7, 12 = 33)
  3. A Wade (JL) (12, 9, 11 = 32)
Pre-Christmas Winners: P Mihailovits, B Kelly, G Davies, S Rand, D Corlett, A Wade, J Moore, M Cross, S Craine, S Cross

Wades Triumphant on Sunday

Father & Son take Trap Medley

The annual Trap Medley kindly sponsored by Creer and Kelly Ltd was held at Meary Veg, Santon, with 24 competitors taking part in dry and breezy conditions.

The first discipline to be shot was DTL over 30 targets which saw Alan Wade take the lead hitting all 30 targets and having one second barrel kill for a total of 89 ex 90. In second place on 87 was James Bradley with Mike Walker third on 86 followed by Jack Clague in forth place on 84 with Peter Kelly and Dave Corlett next on 83.

The next discipline was ABT also over 30 targets which saw Wade increase his lead to 12 points hitting 27 targets for a running total of 170,in second place on 158 was Mike Walker with Arran Wade in third place on 156, one point behind on 155 was Dave Corlett in fourth place who was also the first B class shooter, James Bradley was in fifth place on 153 and making up the top six was Peter Kelly on 149.

The final trap discipline was Double Rise again over 30 targets. In B class Mark Barnett was in third place on 193 with Will Rand taking second place on 201 but taking B class with 213 points was Dave Corlett. In A class Neil Parsons was third on 209 with Mike Walker taking second place on 218 with junior shooter Arran Wade taking a class with 222 but top of the shop and a clear with 236 points was Alan Wade.

There was also some extra prizes donated by IOM Goats for the best scores in each discipline and overall score. The winners were Highgun A Wade, DTL J Bradley, ABT N Parsons, and D/R Arr Wade (J).



  1. A Wade 89 (DTL = 81, ABT = 66, D/R = 236)

A Class

  1. Arr Wade (J) (81, 75, 66 = 222)
  2. M Walker (86, 72, 66 = 218)
  3. N Parsons (68, 78, 60 = 209)

B Class

  1. D Corlett (83, 72, 60 = 215)
  2. W Rand (75, 69, 57 = 201)
  3. M Barnett (79, 57, 57 = 193)


  1. A Wade & J Clague (428)
  2. S Cross & M Walker (409)
  3. D Corlett & B Faragher (401)
J Bradley, D Corlett, M Walker, A Wade, B Faragher, Arr Wade, N Parsons, M Barnett