Progress Update on our New Shelter

It’s been a productive morning down at Meary Veg today, with four pairs of hands sawing, nailing, hammering, rolling, and glueing various materials together for our new central shelter’s roof under the watchful eye of foreman Peter Kelly. The hours flew by and everybody escaped (mostly) unscathed despite my first encounter with a nail gun, putting us one step closer to having somewhere new to hide when the weather closes in once summer’s over. Great work by Brian, Will and Peter!

A Morning of Maintenance

Four hardy souls braved the intermittent (liquid) sunshine today to do some more work on the new shelter by the middle house, which is coming along very nicely now and almost ready for the roof.

We also fitted new doors to one of the sporting traps and readied everything for the coming weekend. It’s going to be a busy Sunday with ABT, DTL and Olympic Skeet on the menu, so get yourselves down early tomorrow and brush up on all-round skills with some open practice – range opens 10:00.