Private Party at Meary Veg

Scott’s 30th goes with a Bang!

The Isle of Man Clay Pigeon Shooting Club was proud to host a private party of eight in celebration of Scott’s birthday today, and a fantastic time was had by all.

Our sincere congratulations for impressive scores in difficult conditions go to Joshua with 23, Maya on 18, and Jacob on 15, closely followed by Logan with 14 and Scott on 13. Thanks for sharing your special day with us – it’s been a blast!

Scott, Maya, Chloe, Joshua, Logan, Jacob, David and Helen

Private Party at Meary Veg

The Isle of Man Clay Pigeon Shooting Club hosted 29 eager shooters for a successful private event on Saturday 5th June – Happy Birthday Tracey!

Split into five squads, competitors tackled a variety of targets from three stands, warming up with a selection of incoming clays and finishing with a challenging barrage of on-report pairs.

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