10th Annual Hospice Shoot

This year sees the return of our incredibly popular Charity Clay Target Shooting Event on Sunday 25th June at Meary Veg, once again in aid of Hospice IOM.

Photo of a group of competitors standing behind chairman Peter Kelly as he presents a cheque to Hospice CEO Anne Mills
Proceeds from 2020 being presented to Hospice CEO Anne Mills

Stop Press – We’re Full!

As of Monday 22 May there are no spaces available, the event has fully sold out. Thanks to everyone for getting your names down quickly – see you on the 25th!

Booked Slots

With 72 eager shooters we’ll need to keep things running like clockwork, so please arrive at least 20 minutes early for your allocated time and enjoy our hospitality while you wait for the rest of your squad.

09:00 – Full

1.1P Kelly
1.2J Turnbull
1.3N Barnett
1.4M Barnett

09:20 – Full

2.1B Faragher
2.2J Faragher
2.3M Sweetman
2.4S Doyle

09:40 – Full

3.1G Davies
3.2P Mihailovits
3.3P Alton
3.4J Moore

10:00 – Novices

4.1J Holtby
4.2A Zurovs
4.3J Beech
4.4J Swinger

10:20 – Full

5.1Team Hospice
5.2Team Hospice
5.3Team Hospice
5.4Team Hospice

10:40 – Full

6.1D Corlett
6.2R Corlett
6.3B Kelly
6.4C Workman

11:00 – Novices

7.1J Faragher
7.2J Faragher
7.3J Faragher
7.4J Faragher

11:20 – Full

8.1M Cox
8.2D Walton
8.3T Waterhouse
8.4E Cox

11:40 – Full

9.1Team Hospice
9.2Team Hospice
9.3Team Hospice
9.4Team Hospice

12:00 – Novices

10.1D Zorab
10.2D Zorab
10.3D Zorab
10.4D Zorab

12:20 – Full

11.1D Zorab
11.2D Zorab
11.3D Zorab
11.4D Zorab

12:40 – Full

12.1B Pugh
12.2B Pugh
12.3B Pugh
12.4B Pugh

13:00 – Novices

13.1F Waggot
13.2F Waggot
13.3F Waggot
13.4F Waggot

13:20 – Full

14.1S Cross
14.2M Cross
14.3N Parsons
14.4W Rand

13:40 – Full

15.1J Simpson
15.2Y Naidoo
15.3A Halsall
15.4S Ludbe

14:00 – Novices

16.1J Mylchreest
16.2J Mylchreest
16.3J Mylchreest
16.4J Mylchreest

14:20 – Full

18.1P Middleton
18.2P Middleton
18.3P Middleton
18.4P Middleton

14:40 – Full

18.1R Ormisher
18.2J Optiz
18.3C McCabe
18.4H McCabe

15:00 – Novices

19.1I Dentith
19.2I Dentith
19.3I Dentith
19.4I Dentith

15:20 – Full

20.1S Craine
20.2S Craine
20.3S Skinner
20.4S Skinner

Full Details

  • This is a one-day handicapped event
  • The winner will be the team with the highest score
  • All handicaps will be calculated from the top three stands
  • Each team will consist of four (4) participants, any calibre, 50 targets each
  • Entries may be teams of four (4) or individuals, in which case a team will be assigned via a draw on the day
  • Competitors will shoot in squads of four (4) according to a pre-booked schedule
  • Prizes will be awarded to the first three teams at the end of the event
  • Polo shirts, targets, cartridges, and buffet is included in entry charity donation of £50, all monies to Hospice IOM