Cups for Whitehead and Ward

Summer DTL League, Round Two

The second round of the Tower Insurance DTL league was held at Meary Veg Santon in near ideal conditions which also had the added incentive of having the IOM Goats Highgun cup and the Jack Harrison Handicap cup up for grabs.

The leader after the first round was Phil Ward with a 25/73 straight, in second place also with a straight but for 71 points was Mark Riley, in third place was C class shooter Ted Kermeen with a 23/69 followed by the leading B class shooter Dave Corlett with 22/65 and Mike Whitehead with 23/65 round.

After the second round Rob Marshall finished in third place in C class with 115 points with Mike Whitehead in second place on 121 but taking C class with a well shot 138 was Ted Kermeen. George Davies finished in third place in B class on 124 with John Moore taking second place on 131 but piping him by one point in taking first in B class was Dave Corlett with 132. Mike Walker was third in a class with 125 with Mark Riley in second place on 140 but taking the highgun prize and also winning the IOM Goats highgun cup was Phil Ward. In the handicap section the winner was Mike Whitehead with 176 points.


Class A

  1. P Ward (141)
  2. M Riley (140)
  3. M Walker (125)

Class B

  1. D Corlett (132)
  2. J Moore (131)
  3. G Davies (124)

Class C

  1. T Kermeen (138)
  2. M Whitehead (121)
  3. R Marshall (115)


  1. M Whitehead (176)
  2. T Kermeen (167)
  3. D Corlett (153)


Summer Olympic Skeet League, Round Two

In the afternoon the second round of the Manx Petroleum’s Olympic skeet was held and the winner was Jeff Corkill with 40 points but we had a three way tie for second place between Michael Cross,Ted Davis and Giulio Fabrizio 38 points.



  1. J Corkill (40)
  2. M Cross (38)
  3. T Davis (38)
  4. G Fabrizio (38)


Summer ABT League, Round Two

The second round of the Sadler Agricultural Supplies ABT league was also held and the winner was Phil Ward with 40 points with Mark Riley in second place on 39 and Ted Kermeen in third place on 35.



  1. P Ward (40)
  2. M Riley (39)
  3. T Kermeen (35)