One Point between Two Ladies

Pro Sporting Grand Prix

The annual Pro Sporting Grand Prix was held on Tynwald day at Meary Veg, Santon, and saw fifteen competitors attempting 100 tricky targets across four stands in ideal conditions.

The first round was shot from our dedicated novices facility, and featured 25 targets which were anything but simple. A-class shooters Paul Mihailovits and Robert Corlett were joined by B-Class Stan Cross on 22 points, with Liam Kirkpatrick also representing B-class on 20. Hot on their heels with 19 points were A-class Dave Corlett and C-class Sue Doyle, who put in a solid performance in the opening round.

Mihailovits slipped to sixth place after the second round with 18 targets dispatched, while A-class Mike Cross improved on his opening 17 with a much more robust 23, followed by Cross Senior on 20 with Mark Sweetman, Rob Corlett and Ben Stembridge all on 19.

Round three found Mike Cross still on top with a 25 straight, followed by Mihailovits on 24 while Liam Kirkpatrick and Mark Barnett shared third position on 19 points. Lady shooters Sue Doyle and Jeannie Robertson continued to battle it out with 11 and 15 respectively, and it would be Robertson’s turn to pull out all the stops with an incredible fourth and final round, sharing the 21 point marker with Corlett Senior, Ben Stembridge, and Peter Kelly. Stan Cross and Mark Barnett scored 22, Mike Cross and Paul Mihailovits were on 23, leaving Liam Kilpatrick victorious over the rabbits with a solid 24.

Overall it was Mike Cross who would claim the high gun slot on 88 points from a possible 100, with Paul Mihailovits just one target behind on 87, and Liam Kirkpatrick in third on 84. One point also separated the ladies, and found Jeannie Robertson clutching the prize with 59 ahead of Sue Doyle’s 58 – truly a fight to the finish!


Class A

  1. R Corlett (81)
  2. M Barnett (79)
  3. D Corlett (75)

Class B

  1. L Kirkpatrick (85)
  2. S Cross (84)
  3. B Stembridge (77)

Class C

  1. M Hepworth (67)
  2. R Sammer (64)
  3. J Robertson (59)


  1. L Kirkpatrick
    R Corlett (166)
  2. M Cross
    B Faragher (157)

High Gun

  1. M Cross (88)
  2. P Mihailovits (87)


  • M Cross (88)


  • P Mihailovits (87)


  • J Robertson (59)
S Cross, M Barnett, R Sammer, B Stembridge D Corlett, M Cross, R Corlett, P Mihailovits, S Doyle, M Hepworth, L Kirkpatrick, J Robertson

Grand Prix Squads Announced

Entries for this summer’s Pro Sporting and English Skeet GP competitions closed on Sunday 30 June, with the draw for teams and squads taking place today.

Pro Sporting GP – 3 July

Squad 1

  1. L Kirkpatrick
  2. D Corlett
  3. M Hepworth
  4. M Barnett
  5. B Faragher

Squad 2

  1. M Cross
  2. M Sweetman
  3. P Mihailovits
  4. R Sammer
  5. S Cross

Squad 3

  1. S Doyle (L)
  2. R Corlett
  3. B Stembridge
  4. J Robertson
  5. N Parsons
  6. P Kelly


  1. B Faragher
    M Cross
  2. S Cross
    S Doyle (L)
  3. R Sammer
    M Hepworth
  4. P Kelly
    M Sweetman
  5. D Corlett
    B Stembridge
  6. P Mihailovits
    J Robertson (L)
  7. R Corlett
    L Kirkpatrick
  8. M Barnett
    N Parsons

CM Partners English Skeet GP – 5 July

Squad 1

  1. J Simpson
  2. L Devlin
  3. D Corlett
  4. Z Bellhouse (J)
  5. M Simpson (L)

Squad 2

  1. P Kelly
  2. D Morgan
  3. B Faragher
  4. M Cross
  5. J Faragher

Squad 3

  1. R Sammer
  2. M Hepworth
  3. S Cross
  4. M Riley
  5. J Corkill

Squad 4

  1. P Mihailovits
  2. T Kermeen
  3. R B Matthews (L)
  4. A Vishnjov


  1. M Simpson (L)
    P Kelly
  2. M Riley
    T Kermeen
  3. D Corlett
    L Devlin
  4. J Simpson
    P Mihailovits
  5. B Fargher
    J Corkill
  6. A Vishnjov
    M Hepworth
  7. M Cross
    R B Matthews (L)
  8. Z Bellhouse
    R Sammer
  9. J Faragher
    D Morgan
  10. S Cross
    P Mihailovits

Mikey Wins Pro Sporting

Summer Pro Sporting League, Round Four

The fuorth round of the Dave and Pam Corlett Pro Sporting league was held at Meary Veg Santon with 17 competitors taking part in near ideal conditions over two very difficult layouts.

The leader after the first layout by a country mile was in form Michael Cross with 20 points, in second place on 14 was C class shooter Harvey Stembridge with Ted Kermeen and George Davies in equal third place on 13 followed by Peter Kelly and Mark Hepworth on 12.

The second layout proved to be slightly easier with four scores in the twenties. Harvey Stembridge finished in third place in C class on 28 points with Ted Kermeen taking second place on 31 but winning C class with 32 points was Mark Hepworth. In B class junior Zac Bellhouse finished in third place on 27 with Stan Cross taking second place on 28 but winning B class with 30 points was Mark Sweetman. In A class Peter Kelly finished in third place on 31 with Rob Corlett taking second place with 33 points, Rob had the best score of the round with 22, but winning A class by a clear seven points with a total of 40 points was the man in form Michael Cross – well done Michael.

Full results are available here.

Cross Makes it a Hat Trick

Fabrizio All-Round Championship

The Fabrizio All Round Championship was held at Meary Veg Santon in dry sunny and at times blustery conditions shot over five disciplines.

The leader after the first two disciplines, English skeet and DTL was last years champion Michael Cross with 146 points, in second place on 137 was Peter Kelly with Paul Mihailovits in third place on 134 followed by John Moore on 133, with Stan Cross and Liam Kirkpatrick making up the top six on 131.

The next two disciplines to be tackled were Olympic skeet and ABT and Cross just increased his lead to 27 points scoring the third best score on ABT (57) and the best score on Olympic skeet (69) for a running total of 272 with John Moore now in second place on 250 followed by Paul Mihailovits in third place on 245. Peter Kelly was next on 239 with Stan Cross only one point behind Kelly on 238 and in equal fifth place on 228 were Jeff Corkill and Giulio Fabrizio.

The final discipline was Pro sporting and in C class Mike Whitehead finished in second place on 224 with Giulio Fabrizio taking the class with 282 points. Junior Zac Bellhouse was second in B class with 282 points but winning B class with 292 points was Stan Cross. John Moore finished second in A class with 286 points but taking A class with 305 points was Paul Mihailovits, but the star of the day was Michael Cross who shot consistently throughout the day to retain the Fabrizio Cup for the third year running with 326 points, well done Michael.


High Gun

  1. M Cross (324)

Class A

  1. P Mihailovits (305)
  2. J Moore (286)

Class B

  1. S Cross (292)
  2. Z Bellhouse (J)(282)

Class C

  1. G Fabrizio (282)
  2. M Whitehead (224)

Corrin Cleans Up

Summer Pro Sporting League, Round Three

The third round of the Dave and Pam Corlett Pro Sporting league was held at Meary Veg Santon with 23 competitors taking part in near ideal conditions, which also had the added bonus having the Dave and Pam Corlett Highgun cup and the Meary Veg handicap trophy up for grabs.

The joint leaders after the first layout were A class Peter Kelly and C class Mark Corrin with 23 points in equal third place on 22 were A class Mark Barnett and  B class Brian Faragher with Mark Riley next on 21 followed by Michael Cross and George Davies in equal sixth place on 20.

The second layout which proved to be the harder of the two layouts saw the following results, in A class Mark Riley was the winner with 38 points with Michael Cross in second place on 37 followed by Mark Barnett in third place on 36. In B class we had a tie for first place between Stan Cross and Brian Faragher on 38 with Liam Kirkpatrick in third place on 37.

In Class Mark Hepworth was third on 27 points with lady shooter Sue Doyle taking second place on 28 but the star of the show was Mark Corrin who scored 40 not only to take C class but also win the Dave and Pam Corlett Highgun cup. In the handicap section for the Meary Veg handicap trophy Liam Kirkpatrick was the winner with 50 points.


Class A

  1. M Riley (38)
  2. M Cross (37)
  3. M Barnett (36)

Class B

  1. S Cross (38)
  2. B Faragher (38)
  3. L Kirkpatrick (37)

Class C

  1. M Corrin (40)
  2. S Doyle (L)(28)
  3. M Hepworth (27)


  1. L Kirkpatrick (50)
  2. S Doyle (49)
  3. S Cross (48)
  4. B Faragher (48)