Corlett and Cross share the Spoils

2024 Summer Pro Sporting – Round One

The first round of the Dave and Pam Corlett Pro Sporting league was held at
Meary Veg Santon with 21 competitors taking part in near ideal conditions.
The leader after the first layout was Rob Corlett with Steven Craine in second place on 20 but we had a four way tie for third place between Will Rand,Brian Faragher,Michael Cross and Mark Sweetman  all scoring 18 points.
After the second layout we had the following results ,in C class Mark Hepworth was third on 29 but we had a tie for first place between Calum Craine and Will Ennett with 34 points .In B class Ben Stembridge was third on 36 with Brian Faragher taking second place on 37  but winning B Class with 38 points was Mark Sweetman. In A class Peter Kelly was third on 34 but we had a tie for first place between Rob Corlett and Michael C ross both scoring 40 points.


Class A

  1. M Cross (40)
  2. R Corlett (40)
  3. P Kelly (34)

Class B

  1. M Sweetman (38)
  2. B Faragher (37)
  3. B Stembridge (35)

Class C

  1. W Ennett (34)
  2. C Craine (34)
  3. M Hepworth (29)


Walker takes the High Road

Winter All-Round

The Winter All Round kindly sponsored by Strand Vets was held at Meary Veg Santon with 25 competitors taking part in near ideal conditions.

The leader after the DTL and English skeet sections which were both been shot at the same time was trap shooter Mike Walker with 146 points mainly down to him hitting his maiden 25 straight in English skeet. In second place on 141 was Paul Mihailovits with Mark Barnett in third place on 134, Mark having the best round of DTL with a 25/74 straight, John Moore was in fourth place on 133 with the leading B class shooters Will Rand and junior Joe Faragher next on 125. Leading C class at this stage was Andre Visnjov on 122 with lady shooter Irene Stockil in second place in C on 111.

The Pro Sporting layout which was shot from the high bank had some very good targets on it and once all had shot we had the following results. In C class Mike Whitehead was in third place on 149 with Andre Visnjov taking second place on 158 but winning C class with 162 points was lady shooter Irene Stockil. We had a tie for second place in B class between junior Joe Faragher and Dave Corlett on 182 but winning B class with 188 points was Will Rand. John Moore was third in A class on 187 with Mark Barnett taking second place on 188 and winning A class with 195 was Paul Mihailovits, but the performance of the day has to go to Mike Walker who was the only shooter to stay in the twenties and break the two hundred barrier to win the Winter all Round with a grand total of 205 – well done Mike!

The prizes at the end were presented by Andre Visnjov of Strand Vets. A big thank you to all that made it a very good shoot.


High Gun

  1. M Walker (205)

Class A

  1. P Mihailovits (195)
  2. M Barnett (188)
  3. J Moore (187)

Class B

  1. W Rand (188)
  2. D Corlett (182)
  3. J Faragher (182)

Class C

  1. I Stockil (L)(162)
  2. A Visnjov (158)
  3. M Whitehead (149)

Next week is a work party to get the range ready for the summer season which starts on Sunday March 4th which is the first round of the Colin Bowen Memorial English Skeet league.

W Rand, P Mihailovits, D Corlett, A Visnjov, M Walker, I Stockil, M Whitehead, J Moore, M Barnett

Stembridge Shows the Way

2023 Winter Pro Sporting – Round Four

The fourth and final round of the Winter Series Pro Sporting league kindly sponsored by Will Rand was held at Meary Veg Santon with 21 competitors taking part in very windy but dry conditions.

The leader after the the first layout was B class shooter Ben Stembridge with 22 points, in second place on 21 was A class Michael Cross with Joe Faragher (A) and Mark Riley (B) in equal third place on 20 followed by Liam Kirkpatrick (B) on 18 and making up the top six was John Moore (A) on 17.

On the second layout with the wind getting even stronger making the targets very unpredictable we had the following results. In C class Sue Doyle finished in third place with 17 points with Richard Kelly taking second place with 18 points but winning C class with 22 points was Harvey Stembridge. In B class Liam Kirkpatrick and Stan Cross tied for second place on 35 points but taking B Class with 42 points and also highgun on the day was Ben Stembridge.

In A class we had a tie for third place between Peter Kelly and Rob Corlett with 33 points, in second place on 38 was Michael Cross with junior Joe Faragher taking A class with 39 points.


Class A

  1. J Faragher (J)(39)
  2. M Cross (38)
  3. P Kelly (33)
  4. R Corlett (33)

Class B

  1. B Stembridge (42)
  2. S Cross (35)
  3. L Kirkpatrick (35)

Class C

  1. H Stembridge (22)
  2. R Kelly (18)
  3. S Doyle (L)(17)
L Kirkpatrick, P Kelly, M Cross, B Faragher, J Faragher, S Cross, H Stembridge, S Doyle, R Corlett, B Stembridge

Bumper Turnout for Penultimate Pro Sporting

2023 Winter Pro Sporting – Round Three

Thirty-three competitors from all corners of the Nation flocked to the Isle of Man Clay Pigeon Shooting Club on Sunday 14 January for the third round of our winter Pro Sporting series, generously sponsored by Brian Faragher. Conditions were generally good, though a chilling northerly wind and intermittent face-on sunshine made life interesting at times for six squads shooting fifty targets across two layouts.

Skeet supremo Roman Sammer hit the ground running on the first layout, leading C class with a healthy 19 targets despatched, while Brian Faragher positioned himself atop B class with 21. New shooters Leslie Devlin and Bob Wright finished their first competitive layout with a very respectable score of 12 points each, but the runaway leader at the end of the first round was A class Paul Mihailovits with the day’s only straight 25.

The second layout was shot from the corner of the overflow car park across our dedicated beginner’s area using traps located on the right-hand skeet range, adding an interesting dimension to some long targets and allowing for comfortable spectating with tea and hot baps from within the clubhouse. It quickly became apparent that although occasional sunshine was no longer an issue, the fast edge-on targets and biting wind would more than make up for any challenges caused by light.

Marty Kneen was the only competitor to achieve full marks in the singles and the report pairs, dropping just three of his instants to finish stand #2 on 22 points, level pegging with Corina Moffatt and two points ahead of Paul Mihailovits and John Moore, while Nigel Moffatt and Mark Barnett completed stand two with 19 targets behind them.

The leading class C competitor at the end of a long and enjoyable day’s shooting was Roman Sammer with 31 points, closely followed by Alan Wright with 30 and Mark Hepworth with 29. Brian Faragher dominated B class on 38 ahead of Ben Stembridge on 37 and Liam Kirkpatrick on 34. Hot competition in A class found Dave Corlett and Micheal Cross joint third with 42 and Marty Kneen in second with 43, but in the end it was Mihailovits’ momentum which saw him romp home on a shapely 45 – well done Paul!


Class A

  1. P Mihailovits (45)
  2. M Kneen (43)
  3. D Corlett (42)
  4. M Cross (42)

Class B

  1. B Faragher (38)
  2. B Stembridge (37)
  3. L Kirkpatrick (34)

Class C

  1. R Sammer (31)
  2. A Wright (30)
  3. M Hepworth (29)

Our sincere thanks to all competitors for making this one of our most well-attended winter shoots ever, also to Brian Faragher for his sponsorship and hard work in designing today’s course. Next week it’s the third round of our winter English Skeet league, with Nicky Barnett and John Moore at the helm for Saturday morning practice. 

R Sammer, M Hepworth, B Stembridge, L Kirkpatrick, B Faragher, M Kneen, P Mihailovits, D Corlett

Postman Bob Delivers

Pre-Christmas Shoot

The IOM Clay Pigeon shooting Club held their annual pre Christmas shoot at Meary Veg Santon with 21 competitors taking part in very windy and wet conditions.

The event was held over three disciplines of twenty targets in each discipline. Skeet Doubles was shot first and we had joint leaders in Calum Craine and Brian Faragher with 18 points followed by Stan Cross, Jeff Corkill and Dave Corlett on 17. The next discipline was Double Rise and Brian Faragher was in the lead on his own with 32 points with Rob Corlett now in second place on 31 followed by Calum Craine, Stan Cross, Mike Walker and junior Joe Faragher on 28. The leading C class shooter at this stage was Brian Kelly on 23.

The final discipline was Pro Sporting and in C Class we had a sudden death tie break for second place between Harvey Stembridge and Andre Visjhov, with Andre taking second place and Harvey third place but the winner of C class with 35 points was Brian Kelly. In B class Stan Cross finished in third place on 41 points with Calum Craine taking second place with 43 points but winning B Class with 44 points was Brian Faragher. John Moore finished in third place in A class with 39 points but we had to have another sudden death shoot off for first and second place’s between Mike Walker and Peter Kelly who both scored 41 points and the winner of the shoot off was Mike Walker. The highgun on the day went to Rob Corlett with a very well shot 49, well done Rob.

A team event was also held and the winners were Rob Corlett and Mike Walker with 90 points with Joe Faragher and Jeff Corkill second with 78 points.


High Gun

  1. R Corlett (49)

Class A

  1. M Walker (42)
  2. P Kelly (41)
  3. J Moore (39)

Class B

  1. B Faragher (44)
  2. C Craine (43)
  3. S Cross (41)

Class C

  1. B Kelly (35)
  2. A Visjhov (27)
  3. H Stembridge (26)


  1. R Corlett &
    M Walker (90)
  2. J Faragher &
    J Corkill (78)