Private Party at Meary Veg

The Isle of Man Clay Pigeon Shooting Club hosted 29 eager shooters for a successful private event on Saturday 5th June – Happy Birthday Tracey!

Split into five squads, competitors tackled a variety of targets from three stands, warming up with a selection of incoming clays and finishing with a challenging barrage of on-report pairs.

Stand #1 was dominated by Guy Templar, Stephen Fisk, Andrew Leinwand and our own John Bateson all on a perfect 7, but Leinwand succumbed to the incomers on Stand #2 leaving Bateson open to challenge from Richard MacNee with 6 and 7 respectively, with leading lady Esther Marks improving her 5 on Stand #1 to 6 on #2, hot on the heels of Templar and Fisk each at 12.

MacNee was joined by James Simpson with 10 points apiece on Stand #3 with Bateson in third on 9 kills, but Guy Templar completed #3 with a resounding 11 to draw overall with MacNee on 23 points today – great shooting by Guy and Richard. Esther Marks headed up the ladies with 20 points while at the other end of the table our Clay Conservation Award goes to Anna Templar with a wholesome 1.

On behalf of everyone here at IOMCPSC I’d like to say what a pleasure it’s been to welcome you on our range today, and I hope we’ll get the chance to shoot with you again throughout the summer.


Guy Templar3751123
Richard MacNee5671023
John Bateson176922
Stephen Fisk375921
James Simpson3641020
Esther Marks (L)456920
Paul Ashley265819
Tim Keig465718
Jonathan Dean565617
David Wormald162816
Jon McGowan245716
Sean Gilbert144715
John Wilson264515
Emily Leinwand (L)563514
Simon Nicholas444513
Andrew Leinwand570613
Steph Bateson (L)153412
Fiona Kirkham (L)443512
Tracy Keig (L)452512
Linda Fisk (L)344311
Raj Chatha354211
Tracey Leahy (L)540711
Louise Houseman (L)16208
Moya Wilson (L)20088
Sarah Simpson (L)32158
Rachel Gilbert (L)13216
Heather McGowan (L)23025
Natalie Radford (L)42215
Anna Templar (L)21001
S1 = Stand 1 (7 incoming), S2 = Stand 2 (7 going away), S3 = Stand 3 (3 singles + 4 report pairs)