Cross Retains All-Round Cup

Winter 2021 Finishes in Style

Twenty-two competitors took part in the Isle of Man Clay Pigeon Shooting Club’s annual Winter All-Rounder at Meary Veg, Santon, shooting three rounds in windy and increasingly wet conditions. 75 points were available during each round, with a hit scoring 3 points across all disciplines and a second-barrel hit scoring two points in Down the Line (DTL).

The combination of horizontal rain and unpredictable gusts of wind proved no match for class B shooter Micheal Cross, who only missed a single target on pad 4 in the opening round of English Skeet for an impressive score of 72. The same pad also proved tricky for Stan Cross, who dropped two targets and finished three points behind his son with 69. Continuing the trend of narrow margins were Neil Parsons, Will Rand and Mark Barnett, each bagging 22 targets and 66 points.

With two ranges at our disposal we were able to split the five squads between English Skeet and Down the Line, where the wind and rain continued to provide some interesting targets. None of this mattered to class B shooter Ted Davis, who missed just one target and hit the rest with his first barrel, setting the bar at 72 points. Standing firm in joint second place were Dave Corlett and Mark Riley, both class A competitors with 68 points a piece, followed by Neil Parsons, Will Rand, and Brian Faragher – all on 67 points.

To keep the adrenaline building we reorganised all 22 competitors into four squads based on their scores so far, before embarking on the final challenge of the day, a very wet and windy round of Pro Sporting. Once again Ted Davis put in a great performance, letting just a single target get away during the instant pairs for an impressive 72 points. Never far behind with 69 points each were Neil Parsons and Micheal Cross, both of whom shot well but succumbed to the Curse of the Rabbit – a fast and well camouflaged target making a bee-line for its burrow. Stan Cross was once again just one target behind his boy, sharing third place with Rob Corlett on 66 points.

At the end of three rounds and with 225 points to play for, our Winter All-Round cup goes to Micheal Cross for the second year running with 207 points. A Class was won by Neil Parsons with 202, followed by Dave Corlett on 191 and Stevie Craine on 179. Ted Davies and Stan Cross topped B Class with 201 points each, and Will Rand claimed third place with 193. Class C was won by Alan Wright on 139, with Allana Wade and Brian Kelly in joint second with 137.

The Club All-Rounder marks the end of our winter season, and once again we’ve seen some fierce competition, great sportsmanship, and above all some very challenging weather! Our sincere thanks to all our sponsors for making these leagues possible; Cu-Plas Callow for DTL, Utopia Hair Salon for English Skeet, and Brian, Stan, Will and Peter for Pro Sporting. Full results are available on our website – now onwards to Summer 2022!


High Gun

  • M Cross (207) 🏆

A Class

  1. N Parsons (202)
  2. D Corlett (191)
  3. S Craine (179)

B Class

  1. T Davis (201)
  2. S Cross (201)
  3. W Rand (193)

C Class

  1. A Wright (139)
  2. B Kelly (137)
  3. A Wade (L) (137)
2021 Winter All-Round Winners: A Wright, S Cross, N Parsons, M Cross, P Kelly, A Wade, W Rand, D Corlett, T Davis