Barnett Bags Ballaneven Cup

Annual Side-by-Side Championship

The annual Ballaneven Side-by-Side Championship was held at Meary Veg, Santon, on Wednesday 15th June. Eighteen competitors took part in ideal conditions, including two non-members and one club member with a non-conforming gun, leaving fifteen individuals competing for prizes across five stands.

Visiting shooter Tony Grainger was the only competitor to clear stand 1 with a perfect 10, hotly pursued by Stevie Craine, Micheal Cross, Stan Skinner and Dave Corlett on 9 points. Corlett’s patience was tested as several shots refused to go off due to a sticky pin, a common gremlin found in many classic shotguns. Craine scored another 9 on stand 2 and was joined at the top by Peter Kelly, followed on 8 by Jackie Clague and sponsor John Kneen.

Micheal Cross found his form on stand 3 with a perfect 10, as did Mark Barnett and reigning champion Richard Kneen. The same trio landed another set of perfect 10s on stand 4, as did juniors Calum Craine and Arran Wade, Peter Kelly, Rob Corlett, and Stan Skinner. Barnett, Kelly, and Corlett also cleared stand 5 with full marks, joined by Alan Wade with a perfect 10.

After fifty targets of fierce but good natured competition, class C was dominated by sponsors Richard and John Kneen with 41 and 29 points respectively, while class B consisted of Rob Corlett with 36, Stan Cross with 38, and Peter Kelly on 39 points. Alan Wade and Dave Corlett tied for third place in class A with 38 points each, led by Micheal Cross on 41 and Stevie Craine on 42.

Meanwhile with 43 points the Ballaneven Cup goes to Mark Barnett, who would like to express his gratitude to previous champion Richard Kneen for the loan of his gun today.


High Gun

  1. M Barnett (43)

Class A

  1. S Craine (42)
  2. M Cross (41)
  3. D Corlett (38)
  4. A Wade (38)

Class B

  1. P Kelly (39)
  2. S Cross (38)
  3. R Corlett (36)

Class C

  1. R Kneen (41)
  2. J Kneen (29)
R Kneen, P Kelly, S Craine, D Corlett, J Kneen, M Barnett, R Corlett, M Cross, S Cross