Winter Leagues Winners Announced

Prizes after the Winter All-Round

With our 2020/21 Winter Leagues now complete we’ll be awarding prizes after the Winter All-Round, currently scheduled for next weekend.

The lucky winners are:

Joe Faragher (J)15
Mark Barnett14
David Cowin (J)10
Brian Faragher10
John Moore9
Arran Wade (J)9
Mike Walker8
Michael Cross (J)7
George Davies7
Mike Parr7
Will Rand7
Guilio Fabrizio6
Paul Mihailovits6
Stan Cross5
Peter Kelly5
Alan Wade  5
David Clague4
Steven Craine4
Peter Fabrizio4
Mark Riley4
Artur Stepka4
Juan Cowley3
Joseph Lapa3
David Corlett3
Jackie Clague2
James Simpson2
Nicky Barnett (L)1
Peter Lowe1
Dean Marchbank1
David Morgan 1
Neil Parsons1
Stephen Rand1
Alan Wright1
Tom Kelly1