Wet & Wild Sporting Selection Shoot

The IOM Clay Pigeon Shooting Club hosted the first of two national Sporting selection shoots at Meary Veg, Santon, on Sunday 23 May with 23 competitors taking part in very wild and ultimately wet conditions.

Tested by The Elements

The leader at the half way stage was Ben Richards with 37 points. In equal second place on 34 were Neil Parsons, Dave Corlett and Jack Kneen followed by junior Michael Cross and Nigel Moffatt on 33. At the end of the second half (which unfortunately saw a stand seven  having to be scrapped due to a mechanical failure) the only lady shooter Nicky Barnett took C class with 32 points. In B class Brian Faragher and junior Arran Wade finished in equal third place on 46 points, in second place on 47 was Will Rand, and taking B class with 53 points was Mark Barnett.

We had a tie for second place in A class between Neil Parsons and Ben Richards on 59 points but taking A class and today’s high-gun with 61 points was Jack Kneen.


A Class

  1. J Kneen (61)
  2. N Parsons
    B Richards (59)

C Class

  1. N Barnett (L) (32)

B Class

  1. M Barnett (53)
  2. W Rand (47)
  3. B Faragher
    Arr Wade (J) (46)

Next week is the Fabrizio All round Championship over 125 targets. Duty offices this week are M Barnett, P Fabrizio, and Peter Kelly.