Hot Competition at Ballaneven

Wade and Corlett Battle it Out

The annual Ballaneven Side by Side Championship sponsored kindly by John & Richard Kneen was held on Tuesday evening .

The leader after the first stand was Steven Craine with 9 points followed by Dave Corlett, John Moore and junior Michael Cross on 7. John Moore was the new leader after stand two with 17 points with Steven Craine and junior Arran Wade in equal second place on 16. We had another new leader after stand 3 in Dave Corlett on 24 followed by Alan Wade, John Moore and Steven Craine on 22.

Corlett was still in the lead after stand 4 on 33 followed by Alan wade on 31 with John Moore next on 30. After the fifth and last stand we had a tie for first place between Corlett and Wade on 39 points, so a shoot off was required to find a winner. It was shot over a new stand and after the five pairs it was all square on 7 points a piece, so into sudden death we went and Alan Wade came out on top hitting both targets to Corlett’s one.


Class A
  1. D Corlett (39 + 7 + 1)
  2. M Cross (35)
  3. S Cross (33)
Class B
  1. J Moore (36)
  2. A Wade (J) (33)
  3. B Faragher (31)
Class C
  1. D Cowin (30)
  2. S Rand (20)
  1. S Craine (35)
  2. S Skinner (30)
  3. R Kneen (28)
High Gun
  1. A Wade (39 + 7 + 2)
Ballaneven Side-by-Side Winners: Arr Wade (J), S Craine, A Wade, M Cross, J Kneen, S Cross, D Corlett, S Rand, J Moore