Riley Wraps up Winter

2023 Club Winter All-Rounder

The last of the winter shoots at Meary Veg was the Winter All Round which was sponsored by the club its self. A healthy 22 competitors took to the stands in dry, sunny, cool conditions.

English skeet and DTL were shot simultaneously on the right and left had ranges and the leader after these two disciplines was Michael Cross on 133 points mainly down to a 25 straight in English skeet, in second place on 131 was John Moore with Mark Riley in third place on 129, Mark hitting a perfect straight in DTL. The leading B class shooter was Will Rand on 127 with Mike Walker second on 123. The leading C class shooter was Jack Clague with 114 points with Mark Sweetman second on 108.

Before the final discipline was shot the shoot offs for the English Skeet league took place with John Moore and Paul Mihailovits were  tying for first place and the result was a win for John Moore. We also had a three way tie for second place in C class between Roman Sammer, Chris Workman and Mark Hepworth and the person taking second place was Chris Workman with Mark Hepworth in third place.

In the Pro Sporting which was shot in reverse order we had Jack Clague taking first place in C class with 168 points with Mark Sweetman in second place on 153 and Roman Sammer in third place on 147. In B class Brian Faragher was third on 168 with Will Rand taking second place on 185 and winning B class with 186 was Mike Walker. Things got even tighter in A class with Paul Mihailovits taking third place with 190 points, in second place with 193 points was Michael Cross but one point ahead on 194 in first place in A was Peter Kelly but if he would of hit his very last target he would of beat Mark Riley who was the winner with 195 points – well done Mark.

D Corlett, P Mihailovits, C Workman, J Clague, J Moore, B Faragher, M Sweetman, P Kelly, N Barnett, R Sammer, M Hepworth, M Riley, R Corlett, M Corss, M Walker, P Ward, B Kelly


High Gun

  • M Riley (54 ES, 75 DTL, 66 PRO = 195 Total)

Class A

  1. P Kelly (63, 65, 66 = 194)
  2. M Cross (75, 58, 60 = 193)
  3. P Mihailovits (69, 55, 66 = 190)

Class B

  1. M Walker (57, 66, 63 = 186)
  2. W Rand (63, 64, 57 = 184)
  3. B Faragher (51, 57, 60 = 168)

Class C

  1. J Clague (57, 57, 54 = 168)
  2. M Sweetman (36, 72, 45 = 153)
  3. R Sammer (63, 39, 45 = 147)

Next week is the first round of the Tower Insurance DTL summer league and in the afternoon are the first rounds of the Sadler Agricultural Supplies ABT league and the Manx Petroleum’s Olympic Skeet league.