Postman Bob Delivers

Pre-Christmas Shoot

The IOM Clay Pigeon shooting Club held their annual pre Christmas shoot at Meary Veg Santon with 21 competitors taking part in very windy and wet conditions.

The event was held over three disciplines of twenty targets in each discipline. Skeet Doubles was shot first and we had joint leaders in Calum Craine and Brian Faragher with 18 points followed by Stan Cross, Jeff Corkill and Dave Corlett on 17. The next discipline was Double Rise and Brian Faragher was in the lead on his own with 32 points with Rob Corlett now in second place on 31 followed by Calum Craine, Stan Cross, Mike Walker and junior Joe Faragher on 28. The leading C class shooter at this stage was Brian Kelly on 23.

The final discipline was Pro Sporting and in C Class we had a sudden death tie break for second place between Harvey Stembridge and Andre Visjhov, with Andre taking second place and Harvey third place but the winner of C class with 35 points was Brian Kelly. In B class Stan Cross finished in third place on 41 points with Calum Craine taking second place with 43 points but winning B Class with 44 points was Brian Faragher. John Moore finished in third place in A class with 39 points but we had to have another sudden death shoot off for first and second place’s between Mike Walker and Peter Kelly who both scored 41 points and the winner of the shoot off was Mike Walker. The highgun on the day went to Rob Corlett with a very well shot 49, well done Rob.

A team event was also held and the winners were Rob Corlett and Mike Walker with 90 points with Joe Faragher and Jeff Corkill second with 78 points.


High Gun

  1. R Corlett (49)

Class A

  1. M Walker (42)
  2. P Kelly (41)
  3. J Moore (39)

Class B

  1. B Faragher (44)
  2. C Craine (43)
  3. S Cross (41)

Class C

  1. B Kelly (35)
  2. A Visjhov (27)
  3. H Stembridge (26)


  1. R Corlett &
    M Walker (90)
  2. J Faragher &
    J Corkill (78)