Lowe, Craine, and Fabrizio Winners

Summer DTL League, Round One

The first round of the Tower Insurance DTL league was held at Meary Veg Santon with 17 competitors taking part in very misty conditions, making seeing the targets very difficult.

The leaders after the first round were Peter Lowe and Mark Riley both scoring 23/68, Jack Clague was only one point behind on 23/67 in third place with Peter Kelly in forth place on 22/66 followed by John Moore in fifth place on 23/65 and making up the top six were Rob Corlett 23/63 and George Davies 22/63.

After the second round we had the following results, in C class Jeff Corkill was in third place on 35/99 with Mike Whitehead taking second place with 39/110, but winning C class with 39/114 was Brian Kelly. In B class Jack Clague was third on 42/122 with John Moore second on 44/126 but taking B class mainly down to hitting the only straight of the day was George Davies on 47/135. In A class Peter Kelly was third on 43/129 with Mark Riley taking second place on 46/135 but top of the class on 46/136 was Peter Lowe.

Results- A Class 1st P Lowe 46/136, 2nd M Riley 46/135,3rd P Kelly 43/129
            B Class 1st G Davies 47/135,2nd J Moore 44/126,3rd J Clague 42/12
            C Class 1st B Kelly 39/114,2nd M Whitehead 39/110,3rd J Corkill 35/99


Class A

  1. P Lowe (136)
  2. M Riley (135)
  3. P Kelly (129)

Class B

  1. G Davies (135)
  2. J Moore (126)
  3. J Clague (122)

Class C

  1. B Kelly (114)
  2. M Whitehead (110)
  3. J Corkill (99)


Summer ABT League, Round One

In the afternoon with the mist now lifting the first round of the Sadler Agricultural Supplies ABT league was held and again Peter Lowe was at the front after the first round along with Steven Craine, both scoring 22 with Mark Riley in third place on 20.

After the second round Steven Craine was in first place on his own with 41 points with Peter Lowe and Stan Skinner in equal second place on 39.



  1. S Craine (41)
  2. P Lowe (39)
  3. S Skinner (39)


Summer Olympic Skeet League, Round One

The first round of the Manx Petroleum’s Olympic Skeet league was also held and Giulio Fabrizio was the winner with 40 points with Jeff Corkill in second place on 37 and Dave Corlett third on 30.