Hospice 2021 Chairman’s Report

Successful 11th Annual Charity Shoot

A full house of 72 competitors took to the stands on bright clear day at Meary Veg, Santon, for the IOM Clay Pigeon Shooting Club’s annual Hospice Charity Shoot which is now in its eleventh year and has raised over £25,000 to date.

All 2021 Hospice Medals

This year’s shoot for the team event is handicapped based on the best three scores of the five stands shot. All class prizes are based on actual scores.

The first squad was out at 09:00 with Juan Cowley setting the pace for high gun with 45 points. In squad two we had a PB with James Davis former radio presenter beating his PB by one scoring eight points and with his handicap was in the lead for the handicap gold medal. Squad three saw two father and daughters teaming up to form a team in John and Darcy Bateson along with Mike and Kate Atkinson who set the score to beat in the team section with 186 points.

The 11:30 squad saw Rosalie and Richard Beaumont along with Tracey and Davy Jones taking to the stands with Davy claiming the high ground scoring 22. The 12:30 squad was entered from Hospice with Jamie Murphy, Liz Drummond, David Drummond and Callum Mills with Jamie being top dog with 32 points. The 1pm squad saw another two families taking part in the Kneen’s John, Richard and Kate along with the Fabrizio’s Peter and Giulio who would figure in the final results later on.

The 13:30 squad saw some big hitters taking part with Neil Parsons taking the lead in the high gun section with 46 pipping Juan Cowley’s score that had stood since 09:00 but it didn’t last long as junior Michael Cross who was in the same squad beat it with a score of 47. Also in this squad was Stuart Cilliers who was taking part for the first time and scored 17.

The 2pm squad was another entry from Hospice with juniors Charlie and William Muggan teaming up with Clare and Nick Kayzer finishing with a team total of 65.

The final squad at 2-30 was the Collister family Bill, John, David along with James Mylchreest with his Dad David taking part also for the first time. David finished with a combined score of 48 in the handicap section which tied for first place with James Davis and John Bateson so count back was needed to decide the medals with James taking the gold medal by just over a point with John taking the silver and David the bronze.

It was a close run thing in the team event once all the handicaps had been added in with the bronze medals going to David Mylchreest, Chris McCabe, Peter and Giulio Fabrizio with 185 points, taking the silver medals with 186 points were the two father and daughter pairings of Darcy and John Bateson along with Mike and Kate Atkinson. The winners of the gold medals were Stan and Michael Cross, Neil Parsons and Alan Kinrade with a score of 188.

At the conclusion of the event the medals were presented by Ann Mills CO of Hospice IOM.

I would like to thank are main sponsors, The NFU Mutual for sponsoring the medals, Harrison and Garrett for the burgers ribs etc Robinsons for the fruit and veg, British clay company for suppling the clays and last but not least Lisa and Kevin for putting on a marvellous buffet.

Also, a big thank you must go to all that helped in anyway in setting up, officiating, competing and most of all in making it a very enjoyable day.

Final Results


  1. N Parsons (46)
  2. J Cowley (45)
  3. S Cross (44)


  1. J Moore (45)
  2. D Corlett (44)
  3. A Hayes (43)


  1. M Cross (47)
  2. J Faragher (41)
  3. A Wade (37)


  1. N Barnett (35)
  2. A Wade (28)
  3. A Callister (26)


  1. J Collister (34)
  2. D Collister (34)
  3. J Murphy (32)


  1. J Davis (48 + 12)
  2. J Bateson (48 + 10.4)
  3. D Mylchreest (48 + 9.4)

High Gun

  1. M Cross (47)

Team Handicap

  1. S Cross
    M Cross (J)
    N Parsons
    A Kinrade (188)
  2. J Bateson
    D Bateson (J) (L)
    M Atkinson
    C Atkinson (J) (L) (186)
  3. D Mylchreest
    C McCabe
    G Fabrizio
    P Fabrizio (185)
Hospice 2021 Team Event: N Parsons, S Cross, Hospice CEO Anne Mills, M Cross (J)

Lazy Sunday? Not at Meary Veg!

DTL League, Second Round

On Sunday morning 22 competitors took to the stands for the second round of the Tower Insurance DTL league which had the IOM Goats highgun cup and the Jack Harrison handicap cups up for grabs.

The leader at the half way stage was junior shooter Arran Wade who shot a perfect 25/75 one ahead of his dad Alan on 74 and three ahead of Mike Walker, Phil Ward and Mark Riley on 71. At the end of the second and final round  in C class Richie Radcliffe was third on 112 with junior shooter David Cowin second on 131. David had a 25 straight in his first round and taking C class with 133 points was Will Rand. In B class another junior Joe Faragher was third with 119 points with Jack Clague taking second place on 127. Winning B class with 133 points was Dave Corlett.

In A class Phil Ward hit a 25/74 straight to finish in third place on 145, Mark Riley went one better hitting a 25/75 straight to take second place on 146 but the star of the show hitting his second 25 straight to make 50 straight and winning the IOM Goats High Gun cup was junior shooter Arran Wade – well shot Arran!

Winning the Jack Harrison Handicap cup was Will Rand with 185 points 8 ahead of David Cowin in second place on 177 with Richie Radcliffe third on 163.


A Class

  1. A Wade (J) (50 / 148)
  2. M Walker (49 / 146)
  3. P Ward (49 / 145)

B Class

  1. D Corlett (45 / 133)
  2. J Clague (43 / 127)
  3. J Faragher (J) (42 / 119)

C Class

  1. W Rand (45 / 133)
  2. D Cowin (J) (46 / 131)
  3. R Radcliffe (39 / 112)

Handicap cup

  1. W Rand (133 + 52 = 185)
  2. D Cowin (131 + 46 = 177)
  3. R Radcliffe (112 + 51 = 163)
DTL Winners: R Radcliffe, J Clague, M walker, S Cross, A Wade (J), D Cowin (J), W Rand

Olympic Skeet League, Second Round

In the afternoon the second round of the Manx Petroleum’s Olympic skeet was held which also included the Cannell Crossing cup.

The leader at the half way stage was James Bradley with 23 points with Stan Cross second on 21 and junior Ted Davis third on 20. Ted maintained station and finished in third place on 41 with James Bradley now in second place on 44 but the Cannell Crossing cup winner with his maiden 25 straight in Olympic skeet was Stan Cross on 46 points .



  1. S Cross (21, 25 = 46)
  2. J Bradley (23, 21 = 44)
  3. T Davis (20, 21 = 41)

Cannell Crossing Cup

  1. S Cross (21)
  2. J Bradley (18)
  3. T Davis (17)
Olympic Skeet Winners: M Parr, J Moore, A Wade, M Riley, J Bradley, S Cross, T Davis

ABT League, Second Round

The final competition of the week was the second round of the Sadler Agricultural Supplies ABT League which had the J D Faulkner High Gun cup and the Peter Kelly Handicaps cups up for grabs.

We had a three way tie at the half way stage with Alan Wade, John Moore and Peter Kelly all on 23 with Mark Riley next on 22. John Moore slipped a bit in the second round but managed to finish in third place on 44 points. Mark Riley and Alan wade were both in the same squad and they went at it hammer and tongs, both hitting straights but Alan was the winner with 48 points to Mark’s 47. Mike Parr was the winner of the handicap cup with 54 points.


  1. A Wade (23, 25 = 48)
  2. M Riley (22, 25 = 47)
  3. J Moore (23, 21 = 44)
  4. P Kelly (23, 20 = 43)
  5. A Wade (J) (21, 21 = 42)
  6. J Clague (18, 22 = 40)
    A Hayes (19, 21 = 40)

Hot Competition at Ballaneven

Wade and Corlett Battle it Out

The annual Ballaneven Side by Side Championship sponsored kindly by John & Richard Kneen was held on Tuesday evening .

The leader after the first stand was Steven Craine with 9 points followed by Dave Corlett, John Moore and junior Michael Cross on 7. John Moore was the new leader after stand two with 17 points with Steven Craine and junior Arran Wade in equal second place on 16. We had another new leader after stand 3 in Dave Corlett on 24 followed by Alan Wade, John Moore and Steven Craine on 22.

Corlett was still in the lead after stand 4 on 33 followed by Alan wade on 31 with John Moore next on 30. After the fifth and last stand we had a tie for first place between Corlett and Wade on 39 points, so a shoot off was required to find a winner. It was shot over a new stand and after the five pairs it was all square on 7 points a piece, so into sudden death we went and Alan Wade came out on top hitting both targets to Corlett’s one.


Class A
  1. D Corlett (39 + 7 + 1)
  2. M Cross (35)
  3. S Cross (33)
Class B
  1. J Moore (36)
  2. A Wade (J) (33)
  3. B Faragher (31)
Class C
  1. D Cowin (30)
  2. S Rand (20)
  1. S Craine (35)
  2. S Skinner (30)
  3. R Kneen (28)
High Gun
  1. A Wade (39 + 7 + 2)
Ballaneven Side-by-Side Winners: Arr Wade (J), S Craine, A Wade, M Cross, J Kneen, S Cross, D Corlett, S Rand, J Moore

Great Turnout for a Sporting Weekend

This year’s lockdown measures had us shooting the first round from each league on a Saturday afternoon in order to make up for lost time, and we’re now almost back on top, having held English Sporting rounds one and two as well as round two of Pro Sporting on the same weekend. Here’s a roundup from our Chairman:

Sporting Summer League – Round One

It was another busy weekend at Meary Veg with the first round of the Suntera Global Sporting League on Saturday afternoon with 21 competitors taking part in near ideal conditions.

Alan Wade and Dave Corlett were the joint leaders after stand 1 on 7 points with Ben Richards, John Moore and junior Arran Wade next on 6. Alan Wade was in the lead on his own after stand 2 with 15 points followed by Ben Richards on 14 with John Moore and Dave Corlett next on 13.

Wade was still in the lead after stand 3 on 18 with Richards next on 17 and Corlett third on 16. We had a new leader after stand 4 in Dave Corlett on 26 with Richards and Wade in equal second place on 25. We had a three way tie after stand 5 with Richards, Corlett and B class shooter George Davies all on 33.

After the sixth and last stand we had a tie for third place in C class with Alan Wright and Nicky Barnett on 17 points, in second place on 19 was Steven Rand with Irene Stockil taking the class on 23. Will Rand was third in B class with 32 points, in second place on 34 was Brian Faragher but taking the top spot with 39 points and equal High Gun on the day was George Davies. Alan Wade was third in A class with 34 points with Dave Corlett taking second place on 36 but winning A class and also equal High Gun on the day was Ben Richards.


Class A

  1. B Richards (39)
  2. D Corlett (36)
  3. A Wade (34)

Class B

  1. G Davies (39)
  2. B Faragher (34)
  3. W Rand (32)

Class C

  1. I Stockil (L) (23)
  2. S Rand (19)
  3. N Barnett (L) (17)
    A Wright (17)
English Sporting (1) Winners: A Wade, D Corlett, B Richards, S Rand, N Barnett (L)

Pro Sporting Summer League – Round Two

On Sunday morning the second round of the Dave & Pam Corlett Pro Sporting League was held again in ideal conditions with 18 competitors.

The leader at the half way stage was Will Rand with 24 points closely followed by junior Michael Cross on 23 with Alan Wade and Dave Clague in equal third place on 22. After the second half Nicky Barnett was the winner of C class with 22 points, we had a three way tie for third place in B class with Brian Faragher, Giulio Fabrizio and Peter Kelly all on 34, in second place in B was Paul Mihailovits on 42 but taking the High Gun prize as well as winning B class was Will Rand on 45 . In A class Juan Cowley was third on 41 but we had a tie for first place between junior Michael Cross and Alan Wade on 42.


Class A

  1. M Cross (J) (42)
  2. A Wade (42)
  3. J Cowley (41)

Class B

  1. W Rand (45)
  2. P Mihailovits (42)
  3. B Faragher (34)
    G Fabrizio (34)
    P Kelly (34)

Class C

  1. N Barnett (L) (22)
Pro Sporting (2) Winners: P Mihailovits, D Corlett, M Cross, A Wade, W Rand, J Cowley, N Barnett (L)

Sporting Summer League – Round Two

The final shoot of the weekend was the second round of the Suntera Global Sporting League with 21 competitors taking part in ideal conditions which also had the added incentive of having the Ted Ghol High Gun Trophy and the Brian Faragher Handicap Cup up for grabs.

Dave Corlett, Ben Richards and Mark Barnett were the front runners cleaning stand 1. Corlett was still in the lead after stand but was joined by Michael Cross on 15 points, Corlett was in the lead on his own after stand 3 with 25 points followed by Richards and Cross on 24 with Juan Cowley, Stan Cross, Mark Barnett Paul Mihailovits and another junior David Cowin next on 23. Corlett was back in the lead on his own after stand 4 with 32 points followed by Michel Cross and Mark Barnett on 30. Corlett maintained station after the fifth stand with a running total of 39 followed by Cowley, Stan Cross, Barnett and two juniors Cross and Cowin on 36.

When all the results were in after the last stand Alan Wright was third in C class with 28 points, in second place on 34 was lady shooter Nicky Barnett but taking the class with a great score of 43 was junior David Cowin. In B class John Moore and junior Arran Wade were equal second on 36 but taking the class by one point was Mark Barnett. We had a three way tie for third place in A class with Stan Cross, Michael Cross and Ben Richards on 43, and in second place on 44 was Juan Cowley with Dave Corlett taking the top spot and winning the Ted Ghol High Gun Trophy with a well shot 47. In the handicap section junior shooter David Cowin was the winner with 70 points.


Class A

  1. D Corlett (47)
  2. J Cowley (44)
  3. S Cross (43)
    M Cross (J) (43)
    B Richards (43)

Class B

  1. M Barnett (37)
  2. Arr Wade (J) (36)
    J Moore (36)

Class C

  1. D Cowin (J) (43)
  2. N Barnett (L) 34)
  3. A Wright (28)
English Sporting (2) Winners: D Corlett, A Wright, A Wade (J), S Cross, M Barnett, N Barnett, M Cross (J), D Cowin (J), B Richards, J Cowley

All-Round Manx Championship in Glorious Sunshine

The Sadler Agricultural Supplies IOM All-Round Championship was held on Sunday 6th June at Meary Veg, Santon, in near ideal conditions.

Fierce Competition across 100 Targets

The joint leaders after the first discipline, Single Barrel DTL, were Mark Riley and junior Arran Wade with 24 points apiece, followed by Alan Wade in third place on 23. After the next discipline, ABT, we had another tie for first place with junior Arran Wade and Neil Parsons equal on 46 points, and in equal third place on 44 were Alan Wade and Mark Riley.

The next discipline was English skeet and we had a leader on his own in Neil Parsons with 69 followed by Alan Wade on 68 and Mark Riley in third on 67. The fourth and final discipline was 25 Sporting over four stands and at the end in the ladies section sponsored by Top Spec Fencing Nicky Barnett was the winner on 50 points.

In the junior section sponsored by Field and Range Arran Wade was the winner with 81 points. Third place overall was Mark Riley with 86 points with Neil Parsons taking second place on 88 points but taking the Championship with 89 points was Alan Wade.



  1. A Wade (23, 21, 24, 21 = 89)
  2. N Parsons (22, 24, 23, 19 = 88)
  3. M Riley (24, 20, 23, 19 = 86)


  1. Arr Wade (J) (24, 22, 20, 15 = 81)


  1. N Barnett (11, 9, 21, 9 = 50)
Manx Champions: N Parsons, A Wade, M Riley, N Barnett (L) and Arr Wade (J)