Cross Scoops Tynwald Targets

2023 Pro Sporting Grand Prix

The annual Pro-sporting GP sponsored by Pain and Patience, Nicky and Mark Barnett was held at Meary Veg Santon with 21 competitors taking part in dry but breezy conditions with a prize pot of £550 up for grabs.

We had a three way tie after the first layout between Michael Cross, Mark Barnett and George Davies with 21 points, Will Rand, Stan Cross and Brian Faragher were next on 19. After the second layout Michael Cross was in the lead on his own with 41 points with Mark Barnett second on 38 followed by Will Rand in third place on 37. Cross increased his lead after the third stage scoring 21 for a running total of 62 followed by Will Rand in second place on 56 with Juan Cowley now in third place on 54, Mark Barnett was fourth on 53 followed by Dave Corlett in fifth place on 52.

After the final layout we had the following results: The leading lady was Nicky Barnett with 53 points with the leading junior Joe Faragher on 69, 1st vet was Dave Corlett on 69 and the leading senior was Michael Cross on 81. In C class Mike Whitehead was third with 55 points with Roman Sammer second on 57 but winning C class with 69 points was Dave Walton.

We had to have a shoot off for third place in B class between John Moore and Brian Faragher which John won, second in B went to Joe Faragher on 69 with Juan Cowley in first place in B on 73. In A class Stan Cross was third on 68 with Dave Corlett taking second place on 69 with Mark Barnett in first place in A on 73. The runner up was Will Rand on 76 but taking the Pro-Sporting GP championship with 81 points was Michael Cross – well shot Mikey!


High Gun

  1. M Cross (81)
  2. W Rand (76)


  1. D Walton & M Cross (147)
  2. W Rand & P Kelly (141)
  3. J Faragher & D Corlett (138)

Class A

  1. M Barnett (72)
  2. D Corlett (69)
  3. S Cross (68)

Class B

  1. J Cowley (73)
  2. J Faragher (J)(69)
  3. J Moore (63)

Class C

  1. D Walton (66)
  2. R Sammer (57)
  3. M Whitehead (53)

Many thanks to the sponsors once again and also a big thank you to all that helped in setting up on Tuesday evening and clearing away after the shoot today.

J Faragher, R Sammer, W Rand, D Corlett, J Cowley, M Cross, J Moore, S Cross, N Barnett, M Whitehead, D Walton