Wades Dominate Penultimate Summer League Shoot

DTL League, Round 6

The sixth and final round of Tower Insurance’s summer DTL league was held at the Isle of Man Clay Pigeon Shooting Club, Santon, and saw eighteen keen competitors take part in perfect conditions.

Junior shooter Arran Wade hit the ground running with the day’s only 75 straight in his first round, closely followed by Stevie Craine on 73 and Mike Walker on 72. Rob Corlett closed out the class A leaders with 68, just three points ahead of C class Jeff Corkill on 65.

Phil Ward improved on his first round of 63 with a healthy 72 in round two, followed by John Moore on 70 and Ted Kermeen on 69, with Arran Wade, Stevie Craine, and Mike Parr all sharing 68 apiece.

Wade’s earlier straight helped propel him to overall victory with 143 points, closely followed by Craine on 141 and Walker with 138. Per-class results are as follows, with overall league results to be published at iomclays.com as soon as they’ve been collated.


Class A

  1. A Wade (143)
  2. S Craine (141)
  3. M Walker (138)

Class B

  1. T Kermeen (133)
  2. D Corlett (129)
  3. R Marshall (125)

Class C

  1. J Clague (129)
  2. M Barnett (126)
  3. M Whitehead (121)
R Marshall, S Craine, M Walker, A Wade, T Kermeen, M Whitehead, D Corlett, J Clague

Olympic Skeet League, Round 6

The afternoon of October 1st also saw the sixth round of Manx Petroleum’s Olympic Skeet league, with five competitors making a final bid for league dominance.

At the top of the first round we find Jeff Corkill with 19, followed by Dave Corlett on 17. Stan Cross and James Bradley each hit 15 targets, while newcomer to the discipline Mike Whitehead reigned in a respectable 7. It was all change for round two with Cross and Bradley reversing their fortunes and scoring 20 each, followed by Corkill with 17 and Corlett on 16. Whitehead also upped his game with 10 targets hit.


  1. J Corkill (36)
  2. S Cross (35)
  3. J Bradley (35)
  4. D Corlett (33)
  5. M whitehead (17)

ABT League, Round 6

Our third contest on this perfect mid-autumn day was the last of the Sadler Agricultural summer ABT league, and this time we had seven competitors battling it out.

Top of the pops with 24 hits in round one was Alan Wade, followed by Stevie Craine on 22 and Wade Junior, Arran, with 20. Mike Parr scored 17 while Ted Kermeen and Jackie Clague were in hot pursuit on 16 points, leaving Rob Corlett to plan his revenge from the back of the room with 15 targets hit.

Round two saw Craine score 23 points, followed by Wade Senior with 22, Kermeen on 21, and Wade Junior on 20. Parr and Corlett were on the up with 18 and 17 respectively, while Clague dipped to 13.

After two rounds of 25 targets, the top three are Alan Wade with 46, Stevie Craine with 45, and Arran Wade with 40 hits. Today’s handicap winner was Kermeen with 52 points.


  1. A Wade (46)
  2. S Craine (45)
  3. Arr Wade (J)(40)
  4. T Kermeen (37)
  5. M Parr (35)
  6. R Corlett (32)
  7. J Clague (29)